Who is ‘Chicago Med’ Actor Nick Gehlfuss?

The Chicago trilogy of television shows is breaking ground in what it means to put together must-watch TV. Producer Dick Wolf is best known for the Law & Order franchise, but he took things even further with the series of Chicago-based dramas that frequently intertwine, creating an entire universe of fictional characters interacting on a regular basis. 

One of the actors on Chicago Med, the most recent installment of the trilogy, has been drawing a lot of attention. Just who is Nick Gehlfuss, and what career path led him to this groundbreaking television series? 

Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead turned toward the camera
Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead | Elizabeth Sisson/NBC/Getty Images

The Chicago series built over time

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Not all the shows in the Chicago trilogy began at the same time. It started out with Chicago Fire, which premiered in 2012. The series followed the dramatic turns in the lives of the firefighters, paramedics, and rescue squad members working in a Chicago fire station. The next year, Chicago P.D. premiered, creating an even more complex world of first responders. As the name suggests, this series followed a group of police officers working in the city. As they deal with major crimes like drug trafficking and murder, viewers could see Wolf’s Law & Order experience coming to the forefront. 

The last show to join the series was Chicago Med. Premiering in 2015, the series gets up close and personal with many of the doctors and nurses working in the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. The twists and turns in the relationships, as well as the dramatic crises these characters face, keeps fans glued to the screens. 

Nick Gehlfuss has been on the Chicago Med since the first season

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Gehlfuss plays the character of Will Halstead on Chicago Med. His actual first appearance on the trilogy was in the Chicago Fire episode “I Am the Apocalypse,” which was a backdoor pilot for Chicago Med. Will is a doctor who spent time working in Sudan before moving to New York and serving as a plastic surgeon. He was fired from that job and made a move to Chicago with the intention of keeping it temporary. However, finding work at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center put Will front and center at the drama of the show. 

Throughout multiple seasons, Gehlfuss has deftly portrayed Will as he’s dealt with heart-wrenching decisions and seen the aftermath of countless traumas. His character is portrayed as complex and deeply passionate about his work to save lives. 

Nick Gehlfuss had a long television career

Leading up to his appearance on Chicago Med, Gehlfuss had a lot of experience in television, as reported by IMDb. His acting career kicked off with a small part in Army Wives in 2009. He would get other one-off appearances on shows like The Good Wife and Rizzoli & Isles over the next few years. It was clear that he had a penchant for crime dramas. In 2013, he had a recurring role on The News Room and followed it up with a recurring part in Shameless the next year. 

That left him with the experience to be ready for the role on Chicago Med, and Gehlfuss has definitely delivered. Since the trilogy is so complex, working on one show ultimately means being able to play crossover roles in all three. Gehlfuss has made multiple appearances in both Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, bringing the character of Will Halstead to life across the different interactions of this drama-filled world. 

While the Chicago series has kept Gehlfuss busy, there are some signs about where he might be heading next. A part in the 2016 film Equity and a role in the upcoming film Butterfly in the Typewriter suggests that Gehlfuss might be looking to leverage his television success into a leap to the big screen.