Who Is ‘Clickbait’ Star Phoenix Raei? Meet the Actor Who Plays Roshan Amiri

Television fans everywhere are witnessing history. Streaming services are changing TV shows in real-time, and the evolution can be seen and felt by dedicated TV watchers. One side effect of the rise of streaming has been a surge in mini-series. Fans love to binge, but when television shows came out episode by episode a week apart, detailed mini-series were harder to pull off. Now that fans can start the next chapter right away, these detailed, short-and-sweet series are in. The latest to have fans glued to their screen? Netflix’s Clickbait

‘Clickbait’ has received critical acclaim 

Clickbait doesn’t stray far from the miniseries manual. Each episode ends on an unbearable cliffhanger. There are twists and turns all over the place, and just when fans think they know the answer to the mystery, everything changes. Netflix has a few other, similar mystery miniseries that follow a similar pattern. It’s not for everyone, but for those who like twisty mysteries, Clickbait fits the bill to a tee.

RogerEbert.com gave Clickbait three out of four stars. Although not all critics were so generous, fans seemed to enjoy the show. Part of that probably had to do with Clickbait’s all-star cast. Adrien Grenier is still as gorgeous as he was in his Entourage days, but now he’s playing dedicated dad Nick Brewer. Zoe Kazan pulls off his wild sister Pia perfectly, and Betty Gabriel has fans sympathetic and suspicious as Nick’s wife.  But according to Elite Daily, one of the best actors on the show is one who has relatively little name recognition. Phoenix Raei steals the show in Clickbait. 

Phoenix Raei plays detective Roshan Amiri in ‘Clickbait’ 

Phoenix Raei and Zoe Kazan stare at a computer in Clickbait Season 1 on Netflix
Phoenix Raei (L) and Zoe Kazan (R) in ‘Clickbait’ Season 1 | Ben King/Netflix

When Nick Brewer goes missing, detective Roshan Amiri is immediately invested in finding him. Maybe not always for the right reasons. Amiri wants to move to the homicide division, and he sees this as his chance. Plus, he’s interested in Pia, Nick’s sister. The two met online shortly before Nick went missing, and there are clearly sparks between them. 

Like all characters in Clickbait, nothing is ever as it seems with Roshan Amiri. Fans are forced to suspect him and his motives at certain points, but when all is said and done, he was always trying his hardest to find Nick. Raei plays the part of mysterious, multifaceted police detective perfectly. He has fans questioning him one minute, and completely on his side the next. Detective Amiri is an important part of the show, arguably even a lead. That’s a first for Raei. 

What else has Phoenix Raei starred in?

Raei was born in Iran and moved to Australia as a child. Interestingly, although many of the biggest stars of Clickbait were American, the show was filmed in Australia. That gave Australian actors like Raei the chance to reach a wider audience. He only has a handful of credits to his name, and most of them are Australian productions. He starred in Cate Blanchett’s Stateless last year. Before that, his biggest credit was in Australia Day, where he played a drug dealer. He has another project in the works. Black Site should be out in 2022. According to IMDb, Raei also had a role on television before Clickbait. He was in 60 episodes of the show The Heights, about gentrification in urban communities in Australia. 

As far as his personal life, Raei may be getting married soon. He’s engaged to fellow Australian actor Kate Lister, who also had a part in Clickbait. Fans will remember her as reporter Jeannie Murphy, a reporter who hounded the Brewer family after Nick’s disappearance. 

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