Who Is Congressman Jim Jordan’s Wife, and What Is His Net Worth?

James “Jim” Daniel Jones is a Republican who has served as the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district since 2007. Regarded as a staunch ally of Donald Trump, he founded the Freedom Caucus in 2015 and has been the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee since 2019.

After Paul Ryan retired, Jordan ran for the house speaker position but lost to California Republican Kevin McCarthy in a 159-43 vote. Recently, the hashtag JimJordanKnew began trending after a second person came forward to accuse the representative of ignoring several sexual misconduct complaints.

According to the lawsuit, a professional referee claimed Ohio State wrestling coach Richard Strauss performed an inappropriate act in front of him, and Jordan ignored it when brought to his attention.

Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan | Chip Somodevilla

Even though the Congressman has been front and center, especially during the 2016 Presidential Election, his family remains primarily out of the spotlight.

Who is Jim Jordan married to, and what is his 2019 net worth?

Who is Jim Jordan’s wife, Polly Jordan?

Born and raised in Champaign County, Ohio, Jim Jordan was a standout wrestler throughout his high school and college career. While wrestling in junior high school, he met his now-wife Polly through her brothers, who were on his team.

13-year-old Jordan began dating 14-year-old Polly, and they graduated in 1982. Three years later, Jordan won his first NCAA championship match, and he also married Polly.

The wrestler then won his second NCAA title the following year before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics. While it’s unclear what Polly received her degree in, she began a career as an art teacher after they returned to central Ohio upon graduation.

Jordan began working on his master’s degree at Ohio State, where he also served as an assistant coach for the wrestling team. The couple then welcomed their first child, Rachel, in 1987.

The 32-year-old is currently married to Chris Salisbury, who serves in the Army, and they have two children. Jordan and his wife also have a 30-year-old son. However, not much is known about him.

The couple’s second daughter, Jessie, is 26-years-old and married Jarrod Uthoff in 2016. Their youngest son, Isaac, also wrestled at the University of Wisconsin, where he became the first wrestler at the college to receive an All-American title four times.

He is currently an assistant wrestling coach for the University of Indiana. Jordan then began his political career in 1994 after he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives.

What is Jim Jordan’s 2019 net worth?

In 2015, Jordan founded the Freedom Caucus, or the House Freedom Caucus, which is a congressional caucus with libertarian and conservative Republican members of the United States House of Representatives.

He chaired the organization from 2015 until 2017, where his income saw the highest increase. Jordan claimed between $148,000 to $446,000 and no liabilities in 2015, but between $133,000 and $396,000 with liabilities including somewhere between $15,000 and $50,000 for his daughter’s school loan.

Jordan’s current net worth is an estimated $200,000.