Who is Dr. Oz’s Wife? Meet the Woman Who Helped Build His Empire

When media mogul Oprah Winfrey started having Dr. Mehmet Oz on her legendary talk show, the cardiothoracic surgeon gained instant fame. Now with his own solo show and serving as a frequent medical contributor to morning news programs like the Today Show, Dr. Oz has become a fixture in mainstream media.

The physician has been married for almost 35 years to wife Lisa, who has an impressive list of credits to her name.

Lisa Oz and Dr. Mehmet Oz attend the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards
Lisa Oz and Dr. Mehmet Oz | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Fixed up by their parents

Dr. Oz and Lisa were introduced by their parents when Lisa was in college and Dr. Oz was attending medical school. After a whirlwind courtship, they got engaged after six months of dating and tied the knot two and a half years later, according to Shape. Despite what sounds like a storybook romance, Lisa insists they have their ups and downs like everyone else.

“No relationship is flawless. But if you’re committed and willing to put the work in, it can thrive,” Lisa said. “We’re pretty much like any other couple. We fight a lot and there are times when we’re bored with each other.”

When they hit occasional bumps in the road, Lisa focuses on her husband’s good points to change her mindset. “Whenever he’s doing something that’s driving me crazy, I think about one of his traits I absolutely adore,” she revealed. “For example, I’m insatiable when it comes to being with him, so my main complaint is that we never have enough time together. The positive side of that is I love how open and available he is to other people who need him.”

Lisa’s impressive resumé

Though Dr. Oz is the one in the spotlight, Lisa is no shrinking violet. A former actress, she is also a bestselling author. With her 2010 book on relationships entitled US: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most and her 2015 cookbook, The Oz Family Kitchen, Lisa has made a name for herself in the publishing space.

Fans of the physician may not realize that his wife has had a big hand in building her husband’s brand, even choosing to give up acting to focus on his rising star. She described the decision as having a pivotal impact on her life.

“When I decided I was going to stop acting and not even produce my own stuff anymore, and focus on Mehmet’s entertainment career… It was more out of cowardice than anything else,” she told PrimeWomen.com “He’s really fearless when it comes to putting himself out there, not at all afraid of judgement, whereas at auditions I’d be racked with fear. When I started creating shows for him rather than for myself, helping him build his health and wellness brand, which changed the trajectory of his career, it was great.”

Lisa admitted that while she loved helping her husband, she realized she needed something for herself. “It was hard for me, because I never thought of myself as someone in the background,” she revealed. “I love being a supportive wife, but I’m now at a point when I want to do my own stuff again.”

Her ‘own stuff’ ended up being a podcast, Road to Somewhere, which she created and hosts with pal Jill Herzig. The program discusses changes in life and tackling them with excitement rather than fear.

With age comes wisdom

The mom of four acknowledged that there are definite physical changes as she gets older, but refuses to let that bring her down.

“My approach has literally been the ostrich approach: Don’t think about it! Avoid it!” Lisa, 56, advised. “Yes, I’m not as fast or as strong or have as much stamina, and it’s frustrating. But it’s normal; it’s not a tragedy! Some aspects of aging are less traumatic than others. You have to unpack it.”

For Lisa, getting older is all a matter of perspective. “Look at physical aging: You lose your eyesight so don’t notice your wrinkles and you need your glasses to put mascara on. It’s the universe winking!” she shared. “It’s about redirecting your focus. Some things aren’t as important.”

It’s easy to see why Dr. Oz enlisted Lisa to help build his career!