Who Is Elisa Johnson? 3 Things to Know About the Designer

Elisa Johnson is a business owner and an influencer in the fashion world. The fashion designer was born in California in 1994. Johnson grew up in the limelight due to her family’s celebrity status, which made her feel like she was under a microscope all of the time. This made it difficult to break out of her successful family’s shadow.

Here are four things you need to know about Elisa Johnson.

Elisa Johnson is the daughter of iconic Lakers basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Notably, the now-27-year-old was adopted at the age of two by Magic and his wife Cookie. Elisa has two siblings, Andre Johnson and EJ Johnson.

A graduate of the New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology, reports Galore, Elisa has recently launched a sunglasses line. The designer notes that the proximity to the limelight made her anxious, especially about launching her brand.

Elisa told Paper, “I think that sometimes as a child of someone in the limelight, you feel all eyes are on you. And also it feels sometimes if I fail, then everyone’s going to know, and it’s going to be super embarrassing.”

2. Elisa Johnson has a sunglasses brand

Elisa notes that her lack of conformity influenced her brand. She hated wearing school uniforms, which led her to fashion as a way of expressing herself. “I always wanted to be unique and different, and through fashion and accessories, I could express myself in the ways that I wanted,” the designer tells Paper. Elisa also says that since everyone knew who she was, there was more pressure when launching her line. “I knew people were watching,” Elisa states.

By the time she graduated, Elisa already decided to sell sunglasses as a full-time job. She notes that her parents did not take her seriously since she’d earlier indicated her intention to be a singer and an actor. However, Ellisa received Magic’s support after coming up with a solid business plan.

“My dad said he would help me as long as I had an actual business plan. He wasn’t going to just help me and give me the money without actually seeing everything laid out, top to bottom.” Elisa was eager to start her line but had to postpone it due to the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually, she started the Elisa Johnson Co. eyewear brand, which sells sunglasses.

The biggest challenge she faced with her brand was the fear of not being accepted. Elisa notes, “I was super worried that no one would buy anything, honestly.” However, she followed her dad’s advice to wait until the world reopened, which was a wise decision.

3. Elisa Johnson’s net worth

Elisa Johnson smiles while attending a TV premiere
Fashion designer Elisa Johnson | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Elisa has lived an opulent existence since her adoption. Magic has a staggering personal fortune of $650 million as of 2020. The five-time NBA champion amassed more than $100 million through the sale of 105 Starbucks locations in 2010 as well as his 4.5% share in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Furthermore, Magic is involved with sports and has invested in the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers and WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. His corporate empire now includes insurance, healthcare, food services, and staffing.

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