Who Is Howard Stern’s Wife, and Are They Still Together?

The rumor mill was recently abuzz with ‘news’ that shock-jock Howard Stern and his wife were on the verge of calling it quits. Was it time for radio listeners to brace themselves for another Stern family breakup? Not at all. In fact, Stern’s wife squelched the rumors herself on January 25, when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Twenty years of marital bliss. I’m setting the record straight right here. I love my Howard,” she told DeGeneres¬†He’s a great guy.”

Who is Beth Stern

Howard Stern
Howard Stern | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Elizabeth Anne Ostrosky was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1972. Prior to becoming Howard Stern’s second wife in October 2008, the 5’10” blonde worked as an actress and fashion model. Twice, in 2005 and 2006, For Him Magazine listed Beth Stern among their Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World. She was also featured in an FHM pin-up calendar.

There’s more to Beth than great looks

Beth volunteered at Ground Zero in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster, according to her bio at IMDB. What she did there is not explained, but the fact that she wanted to help reveals a lot about her character. Today, Stern serves as a spokeswoman for the no-kill animal shelter, North Shore Animal League.

Before Beth came into Howard’s life

Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky
Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky | Getty Images for SiriusXM

When Beth’s future husband started his professional radio career in 1979, he was newly married to his college sweetheart, Allison Berns, and Beth was seven years old. The marital union between Howard and the first Mrs. Stern lasted more than two decades and produced daughters Emily Beth, 34, Debra Jennifer, 31, and Ashley Jade who is 24.

In 2001, the Sterns divorced in a breakup that appeared to come out of nowhere. Howard told Rolling Stone that the seemingly sudden split ‘blew his mind’ and made him feel like a failure.

“It’s so complicated, and it’s hard for me even to figure out at this point what went wrong and how things that were so good could go so bad. It’s tough. I think I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to analyze that.”

He didn’t have to. The same year they divorced, Allison married David Scott Simon, and Howard played the field. Stern wasn’t exactly enchanted with single life, however. As he told the New York Daily News, he was faithful to Allison during their marriage but turned to women -and sex- for comfort after the relationship ended. Eventually, Stern came to the realization that although it was exciting and new, random female companionship was not what he really wanted.

Enter Beth

Beth came into Howard’s world in 2001, when she was at a friend’s house on a blind date she later described as ‘awful.’ When Howard arrived alone, there was one seat left at the table, and it happened to be right across from Beth and her date. Howard was grumpy and hungry and didn’t have a lot to say, she explained to Radio Andy. To lighten his mood, Beth told Howard he had beautiful eyes, and that was that. According to Stern, he immediately quit one-night stands and settled into a loving routine with the statuesque beauty who captured his heart with humor. The couple dated exclusively before tying the knot in New York City in October 2008.

These days, Howard and Beth Stern (and a bevy of rescue cats) enjoy lots of laughs together, but their lifestyle is not as wild as you may think.

“We go to bed at 8 o’clock at night, even on the weekend, just because that’s our schedule. He gets up early for his radio show. We are definitely not wild and crazy.”