Who Is JJ Redick’s Wife, Chelsea Kilgore?

J.J. Redick started his basketball career as a star player at Duke University. In the years since then, he has followed his love of the game to a number of different cities, playing with a range of teams. 

Along the way, he also met the love of his life, wife Chelsea Kilgore. Here’s the inside scoop on Kilgore and the life she shares with Redick.

J.J. Redick’s steady career

JJ Redick playing basketball
JJ Redick | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As a Duke Blue Devil, Redick set a number of records, including one for the most points in a single season. His impressive performance made him an in-demand player, and in 2007 he was drafted by the Orlando Magic.

He played for the Magic for seven years, when he moved to the Milwaukee Bucks. After one season with the Bucks, he went to play with the L.A. Clippers, staying with them for four years, until 2017.

His next team was the Philadelphia 76ers, who he was with from 2017 to 2019. Last year he moved again, this time to play for the New Orleans Pelicans. He’s still with the Pelicans, and he also hosts a popular sports podcast.

Chelsea Kilgore is his ‘rock’

Kilgore and Redick met in 2008 when he was playing for the Orlando Magic. The couple has never shared the details of their meeting, but it is known that they married in 2010. Redick has described Kilgore as his rock and says one of the things he loves about her is that she doesn’t let him be a jerk. 

Kilgore has a twin sister, named Kylee Jean. The sisters grew up in Florida and they remain very close. When she went to college at Mississippi State Kilgore discovered a love of fitness. After college, she became a Pilates instructor.

The happy couple has two sons, Knox, who was born in 2014, and Kai, who was born in 2016. As well as her work as a Pilates instructor and a mother, Kilgore helps run the charitable foundation started by her husband, the JJ Redick Foundation. 

Many moves together

Redick’s career has required the couple to pack up and move many times. Over the years, they have lived in 14 different homes and six cities. Recently they have found the home they want to return to, even as a new contract sends them to a different place. 

In 2015, they decided they wanted to live near their families on the East Coast. Kilgore’s twin sister was living in New York, and the couple started looking in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. They found a 1913 factory building that was being converted to a residential building. When they picked the apartment they wanted in the building the next job was making it perfect for their family. 

They remodeled the apartment, a process that was largely overseen by Kilgore. The result is a stunning home with the kind of space and luxurious details that are hard to find in a housing market like New York. 

Of course, their beautiful home doesn’t change the fact that Redick’s job requires frequent moves. When he signed a two-year contract with the Pelicans they knew they would have to leave their nest behind. But they aren’t letting it go just yet. 

Now that they have two sons, Redick and Kilgore would like to settle down to give their kids more stability. And the place they want to come home to is their New York apartment. “I’ve had probably 20 people call or text me asking if I’m selling the apartment, and I’m like, ‘This is not our apartment. This is our home.'”

For Redick and Kilgore, his “rock,” their stunning New York apartment isn’t just a place to live; it’s where they want to live out their love story.