Who Is Justin Long’s Brother and Podcast Co-Host Christian Long?

Justin Long is a recognizable face with a long list of accomplishments after he launched his acting career working in commercials. He’s known for his roles in comedies including Idiocracy and Accepted. These days, he stays busy working on his podcast Life is Short. The show has an uncanny ability to get celebrity guests to open up about their lives. This skill is one that Long has honed alongside his co-host and brother, Christian Long. 

While Justin Long has been famous since he played the Mac in those old Mac vs. PC ads, his brother is not quite as well-known. 

Christian Long also has acting experience 

Christian and Justin Long in plaid, laughing
Christian and Justin Long | James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

While his resume is not as long as his brother’s, Christian Long also has some experience in the acting world. He actually played a small part (“Sandwich Mascot”) in his brother’s 2006 film Accepted. The film also starred Justin as a rejected college hopeful who starts his own school instead of admitting that he hadn’t made the cut.

Christian Long went on to have a few small parts in television series including Players and Trading Eights in 2010. Since then, his acting work has not really taken off, but he’s had some recent success behind the scenes. With writer and producer credits on A Case of YouTrump Baby, and The Real Stephen Blatt, Long seems to have found his place in the entertainment industry. 

Justin and Christian Long have collaborated together in the past 

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The Real Stephen Blatt is a web series that Justin and Christian Long collaborated on as part of a partnership with the Ringling College of Art and Design. As they were first exploring the project, Christian opened up about his excitement in working closely with the students: “Working with these students doesn’t feel like a risk. We were here two years ago and we got to meet the students and were shown around, everyone was so incredibly polished and skilled at what they were showing us. Any fear one might have working with students was quickly erased when we met them.”

It was an excellent opportunity for students to work with professionals with the platform and reach to get their project off the ground. The series, which is available for streaming on Amazon, stars Justin Long and parodies social media personalities. 

Life is Short features celebrities and the brothers’ family members

The brothers’ podcast Life is Short has been able to pull in some huge celebrities as guests. Some guests include Lena Dunham, Anna Chlumsky, Jonah Hill, Kevin Smith, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. The description for the show makes it clear that Justin Long is the main draw. Justin does say that “My brother Christian is on hand each episode to keep me honest, and occasionally remind me about some of the embarrassing things I’ve done over the years.” 

In addition to all of the many celebrities the pair have brought onto the show, they also interviewed their grandmother. Fans found the act endearing and have sent fan mail for the brothers to send along to her. 

The biggest draw of the podcast is the ability the brothers have to get celebrities to open up about their lives. When Kristen Bell was on the show, she talked about a big fight with her husband Dax Shepherd that had the pair not speaking for three days. Meanwhile, Ginnifer Goodwin revealed the brilliant way that she handled sex scenes with Bill Paxton. As the show continues to be a success, we can expect to hear more from both Long brothers and get to known Christian a little better.