Who is Kendall Jenner’s Rumored Ex Jordan Clarkson Dating?

Whenever a member of the Kardashian family dates somebody new, you best believe that it’s going to make some news.

As the older generation of sisters settles down, however, it’s the youngest siblings, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who get most of these headlines. The sisters, who have a reputation for dating NBA players, have been linked to countless players over the decades. One unconfirmed relationship was Kendall Jenner’s to Utah Jazz player Jordan Clarkson, although both appear to have moved on. 

Kendall Jenner’s story 

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner | Jacopo Raule/WireImage

Kendall has been in the spotlight since she was just a child. At the time, her family was mostly known for their connection to Robert Kardashian, who represented OJ Simpson during his infamous trial, and Kim, who experienced a similar level of fame as former friend Paris Hilton. Still too young to garner many headlines on her own, however, Kendall was thrown into the spotlight. 

As she got older, the model began to get famous, herself. At 14, she signed with Wilhelmina models. She has turned that into a lucrative career as a poster child for several brands. One would be hard-pressed to find any fashion event that she’s not involved in, but while the other sisters are often there to watch, Kendall is there as a model. 

In the years since Kylie and Kendall have grown into young adulthood, and with it came the same type of tabloid attention that the other sisters got. From confirmed relationships to rumored flings, Kendall has been linked to several NBA players, including Jordan Clarkson. 

Who is Jordan Clarkson?

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Clarkson was drafted by the Washington Wizards in 2014 but wound up as a Los Angeles Laker before the start of the season. There, he played alongside Kobe Bryant during the final two years of his career and developed a reputation as a valuable role player with the squad. While he wasn’t a star in the making, Clarkson had a knack for getting hot and taking over games. 

In 2018, Clarkson was traded from the Lakers to the Cleveland Cavaliers as part of a deal that sent All-Star Isaiah Thomas to Los Angeles. He spent the next two years there, providing valuable minutes off the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench during LeBron James’ final months with the team. In February of 2020, however, Clarkson was traded once again to the Utah Jazz, where he remains a valuable contributor off the bench. 

Clarkson has, thus far, averaged 15 points per game along with three rebounds and two assists. While he isn’t an All-Star, however, he still makes headlines thanks to an alleged relationship with Kendall. 

Who is Jordan Clarkson dating? 

Part of the Kardashian reputation for dating NBA players has to do with the fact that they have dated a lot of NBA players. However, the flip side to this is that any time an NBA player is anywhere near one of the sisters, rumor mills fly with news of a relationship, according to Cavaliers Nation.

Kendall shot down rumors that she and Clarkson were dating in 2019, but that didn’t stop the rumor mill for several months. 

Recently, Clarkson was seen with a new girl by his side named Ally Rossel, says Black Sports Online. Rossel, whose ex-boyfriend Lonzo Ball used to be a teammate of Clarkson’s, likely met Clarkson around that same time. After being spotted together several times, they set the rumor mill ablaze. Recently, however, they made their relationship official by posting it on Instagram. 

Whether or not Kendall and Clarkson had any sort of meaningful relationship, it would appear as though they have both moved on. Clarkson is happy with Rossel, and Jenner is reportedly in a relationship with Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker

Still, their story represents a common intersection between celebrity gossip and sports gossip. Whether or not it happened, it made its way into fans of both sides.