Who Is More Famous, Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds?

It’s never easy being an A-list showbiz couple on a psychological level since the competition between the spouses can sometimes end marriages. We’ve seen more than our share of Hollywood divorces after either one of the two won an Oscar or other prestigious award.

With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, they seem simpatico in every way. If you look at their social media accounts, you’ll see they both have an astute sense of snark they use in their online communication.

No doubt this alone keeps their relationship strong, but who’s ultimately more famous of the two? No doubt this could lead to a dangerous conversation if they brought it up.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds posing together
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are both very famous | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were equally famous as teens

The strangeness of synchronicity is always present in the history of famous couples. When Lively was up for a Teen Choice Award in 2005 for her first film (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Reynolds was winning a TCA the same evening.

No word if they met one another then, despite both being young adults trying to find their way in showbiz careers.

Little did they know they wouldn’t get to know one another until both starred in Green Lantern six years later. It’s then when fireworks hit, and they were both at the same showbiz level.

Both actors were singled out by critics for saving movies

Most movies Reynolds and Lively were making in the late 2000s and early 2010s were merely moderately successful films no one would say were Oscar-worthy.

Even so, critics always singled out Lively as being a standout, no matter if the movie itself was mediocre. Reynolds was usually thought to save his movies based on his personality and general appeal.

You’d think both would have taken a hit in their careers when Green Lantern flopped at the box office, but they didn’t worry about it at the time. Instead, they got married and didn’t wait to have children.

For a time, Reynolds became the bigger star

When you take time out to have kids, acting is going to become second or even third in life importance. Lively took a couple of years off from acting to raise the two kids she had with Reynolds.

After acting in and gaining praise for her performance in Oliver Stone’s 2012 film Savages, Lively had to revamp her career by 2015. Despite the Green Lantern fiasco, Reynolds continued to gain popular acting roles for the next several years. All the while, he was accruing a bigger net worth.

You’d think this would have created more friction in their marriage, yet it didn’t. Their repartee on social media over the years shows they keep a snarky sense of humor going at all times.

A Lively comeback

For the 2015 film The Age of AdalineLively revamped her film persona into something even more appealing. Her acting ability and magical screen presence were still the darling of critics. It’s since kicked off a slew of new dramatic films where she continues to prove her acting worth.

In the 2016 film The Shallows, she also proved she can hold a film almost by herself. Ironically, this was the same year Ryan Reynolds became an even bigger superstar in Deadpool.

While you can argue Reynolds is slightly more famous than Lively, we’re just now seeing the blossoming of Lively’s acting talent. We have no doubts she’ll be up for a major award eventually. At age 31, she still has a lot of time to equal the fame and fortune of her husband.

Meanwhile, both keep their marriage strong by being more than a little hilariously naughty in their Twitter interactions.