Who is Princess Beatrice? The Forgotten Princess of York

The royal family is one of the most well-known families in the world. But this family is huge — plenty of brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. And sometimes, those who are important still get left out of the mix. Princess Beatrice is one of those people — you may have heard her name mentioned in the press before, but who is the Princess of York?

Princess Beatrice

Who is Princess Beatrice? | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Princess Beatrice is the cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry

Beatrice is best known as being a first cousin to William and Harry — the sons of the future king, Prince Charles. Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew (who is Prince Charles’ brother) and his former wife Sarah Ferguson. Think of it this way: Princess Beatrice is the niece of the future King Charles, so she essentially holds the same position now as Prince Harry’s children will down the road (the nieces or nephews of the future King William).

She’s further down the line of the throne, so she doesn’t share the same prominence as her two cousins

Beatrice isn’t as well-known as her cousins because she is further away from ever ruling. When Prince Charles was born, it was understood that he would one day rule. Therefore, his brother’s children (Beatrice and Eugenie) were never as “important” as Charles’ children. Since Charles’ children are the sons of the someday-king, they’re known as working royals. This means they get paid to be members of the royal family and perform duties on behalf of the royal family. Beatrice, on the other hand, lacks the prominence of her cousins, so she is not a working royal. She had the opportunity to start the career of her choice, move to a different country, etc., which are privileges Will and Harry will never have.

Beatrice’s younger sister, Eugenie, is a bit more well known

Beatrice keeps herself out of the spotlight. She isn’t photographed or profiled as much as her younger sister, Eugenie. It may be that Beatrice is a bit shyer around the media than her sister or that the media simply took a liking to Eugenie and chooses to focus more on her. Plus, Eugenie had a high-profile wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October, so this year she’s been talked about quite a bit. Most people are at least somewhat familiar with Eugenie, while Beatrice tends to lay low in the background.

Although she’s a ‘less important’ royal, she is still the queen’s granddaughter

Beatrice might not hold the same royal importance as her cousins, and she be might less discussed in the media than her sister, but she is still Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter. This means that she is still royalty, hence her title, Princess Beatrice of York. It also means that she has a trust fund set up for her by the queen. Despite having to work a full-time job, Beatrice has a few million dollars in her name and reportedly has a net worth of close to $5 million. She also recently started dating someone new and has been in the news a bit more. She may have been a “forgotten” royal in the past, but she just might be ready for her turn in the spotlight.

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