Who is Princess Eugenie? How this ‘Princess Next Door’ Lives a Different Life From the Other Royal Family Members

Princess Eugenie has made headlines a few times, but she still seems a little mysterious to the public. It’s mostly because her life isn’t as publicized or scrutinized as some of her more famous family members, such as Prince William and Prince Harry. Actually, Eugenie lives a pretty normal life. Here are all the ways she has a little more freedom from family rules than her cousins.

Eugenie spends less time in the public eye than her cousins, William and Harry

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie, right, with her sister, Beatrice. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Princess Eugenie is a cousin to William and Harry, so although she’s important, she doesn’t spend as much time in the public eye as the two men. She is the daughter of Prince Andrew (the brother of Charles and second son of Queen Elizabeth II). Since Andrew will likely never rule, his family isn’t held in as high regard as Charles’ family. This lets Eugenie live a more normal life.

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