Who Is Roddy Ricch, the Rapper Justin Bieber Is Trying to Stop From Hitting No. 1

Justin Bieber has garnered backlash related to his new single, “Yummy,” and it really doesn’t have to do to the song itself. But people have called out his attempts to get his fans to stream the song, seemingly to push it ahead of Roddy Rich’s “The Box.”

Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch in early 2019 | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Roddy Ricch ended 2019 with one of the biggest hip-hop albums

Ricch’s breakout success has made him one of the biggest new rappers of the last year along with DaBaby and Lil Baby. After releasing several mixtapes and getting co-signs from Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle, the 21-year-old rapper released his first major single, “Die Young.” London on the Track produced the song.

He continued to release several other songs and then featured on Hussle’s “Racks in the Middle,” which became a big success, especially in the light of the rapper’s untimely death. The song reached No. 26 on the Billboard Hot 100.

For producer Mustard’s 2019 single, “Ballin,” Ricch provides the vocals. The song ultimately became Ricch’s breakout hit, reaching No. 12 on the Hot 100 and being certified platinum. Both “Racks in the Middle” and “Ballin” are nominated for Grammy Awards at the 2020 ceremony. The latter song also made it to many lists as one of the best songs of 2019.

He followed up the success of “Ballin” with his debut album, Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart The most popular song from the album is “The Box,” which has already reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Why Justin Bieber is essentially campaigning against Roddy Ricch

“The Box” is projected to land Ricch the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100. However, it seems that Justin Bieber really wants that No. 1 spot with his song, “Yummy.” Bieber has been actively campaigning for his fans to stream and buy the song more.

In now-deleted Instagram posts, he re-posted fan graphics on how best to support the song so the singer can achieve his sixth No. 1 single for his “comeback.” Some fans are upset by Bieber’s messaging and attempts to push “Yummy” to the top when it seems “The Box” will do so.

“Justin Bieber trying to get that trash a** Yummy track to #1 is exactly the kind of privileged mindset that I hope continues to be deaded by better music. Congratulations to @RoddyRicch,” said one person.

Another person tweeted, “Justin Bieber, a white man, is pulling out every trump card he can in order to make sure his bland, basic song goes #1 instead of a hardworking Black artist. He and his manager are doing everything they can to stop Roddy Ricch’s The Box from going #1. Stream The Box.”

Someone else gave kudos to Bieber’s effort, saying, “Justin Bieber said he’s gonna get #1 by any means necessary. I can’t be mad at him. People are going to gravitate to what they gravitate to. With that being said. *Continues to stream The Box by Roddy Ricch*”

The upcoming Hot 100 chart should be finalized soon and it will likely crown “The Box” as the new top-charting song in America.