Who Is Rosanny Zayas From ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ and Where Is She From?

Rosanny Zayas is a scene stealer among the new cast of The L Word: Generation Q. As Sophie Suarez, she works for Alice (Leisha Hailey) and has her own engagement drama going on with Dani (Arienne Mandi). After four episodes of The L Word: Generation Q, fans want to know more about this new star.

Sophie and Dani will have wedding drama
(L-R) Arienne Mandi and Rosanny Zayas | Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/SHOWTIME

Zayas has been working steadily since 2018. The L Word: Generation Q is her first series lead role. When Zayas spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the show in December, she filled us in on her acting and family background. The L Word: Generation Q airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Rosanny Zayas was international as a child

Rosanny Zayas comes from a Dominican family, but she herself is a New Yorker. Growing up, the Zayas family divided their time.

Rosanny Zayas and Laura Patalano
(L-R) Laura Patalano and Rosanny Zayas | Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/SHOWTIME

“My family was born in Dominican Republic,” Zayas said. “I was born in New York so we would go back and forth from the Dominican Republic to New York and we ended up in Queens. I’m just so glad that I get to play a Dominican character on TV now and really help push that history forward.”

Rosanny Zayas studied acting for 10 years before ‘The L Word: Generation Q’

Rosanny Zayas was no overnight sensation. She put in the work studying, first as an acting and Latin American studies major at Queens College. Then she got her Masters in acting at the prestigious Juilliard. 

Rosanny Zayas
Rosanny Zayas | Kharen Hill/SHOWTIME.

“Even in college, a group of friends of mine started our own theater company,” Zayas said. “The goal in that was to put up as many Latin American plays and Latin American people on stage because I felt like there wasn’t much of that. And then a part of that was also learning about my own history because I always felt in school my history wasn’t taught. It was kind of always disregarded. So college was the time to learn more about my background and my history and then to try and put that on stage or use it to continue my acting work.”

Rosanny Zayas supported herself the whole time

Queens College and Juilliard aren’t free, so Rosanny Zayas worked to put herself through the training. It’s paying off with The L Word: Generation Q.

Rosanny Zayas in The L Word: Generation Q
Rosanny Zayas in The L Word: Generation Q | | Jennifer Clasen/SHOWTIME

“I’ve been training my whole life to get to a moment like this and it’s really hard coming all the way up, especially [since] I didn’t have much opportunity growing up,” Zayas said. “I don’t come from a wealthy family. I didn’t have a lot at my disposal. A lot of the things that I had that I got for myself, it was through asking for help but also working as hard as I possibly could to get it, to get that. So it kind of feels it’s another dream come true that I’ve been working towards this for over 10 years I’d say.”

That doesn’t mean she can rest after The L Word: Generation Q.

“And it doesn’t stop,” Zayas said. “I know the work doesn’t stop and I’m going to continue to try and keep working and to become a better actor.”

You may have seen her on ‘Orange is the New Black’

Rosanny Zayas’s role prior to The L Word: Generation Q was on an episode of Orange is the New Black in their final season.

“That last season was so important,” Zayas said. “On top of that they also shed light on the immigration story and to also be around all these beautiful women of color and all these seasoned actresses and trained actresses and amazing writers and all those people is truly, truly an honor. To be able to just have been part of that for even an episode, I was so grateful for. I learned so much.”