Who Is Summer Walker’s Boyfriend?

Summer Walker’s rise to fame has been meteoric. Just a few years ago, the R&B songstress owned a small cleaning business in Atlanta. Now, she has had the biggest debut album from a female artist in the past decade. Her debut stellar album Over It is powerful, feminist and breathtaking. 

Part of Walker’s rise has been getting the spotlight turned on her personal life. However, the “Girls Need Love” songstress has been open about her social anxiety and the weirdness of fame. In fact, she recently posted on Instagram that she won’t be posting her personal life on social media anymore. She said,

I’ve decided y’all don’t deserve me lol I knew from day one I was to real for this shit. y’all can have the music & ima just head out. f*ck the interviews, photo shoots, videos, & really the shows too. I’ll finish this tour out tho. I’m just a regular person, nothing more. lol people got this fame sh*t f*cked up. I been me from day one, I’m not bout to start acting different, talking different, treating people different, or looking different. people really expect too much from you.

We’re not sure how long this retreat will last since Walker’s fame is new –but here’s what we know about Summer Walker’s personal life.

Summer Walker’s boyfriend is London On Da Track

The “Come Thru” songstress has known producer London On Da Track for years, but the pair have only gone public with their relationship in the past couple of months. London — whose given name is London Tyler Holmes, is the brilliant producer behind Over It. When the album debuted in early Oct — it peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart. 

The pair aren’t shy about their romance. They often post intimate and loved up photos of one another on their respective Instagram pages. Also, when Walker’s album debuted –London On Da Track lavished her with a room full of flowers.

Why did Summer Walker and London On Da Track breakup briefly?

Though they are back together now — fans were alarmed when Walker and London On Da Track briefly called it quits a few weeks ago. It looked like a major argument led to the couple’s breakup. Walker posted on his Instagram Stories,

Single. Lol somehow I always end up with male chauvinist. Im a alpha female so I guess when I think for myself/make my own decisions it’s taken as disrespect. That was cute tho. God bless him still a sweet man deep down inside [sic].

Thankfully, the split was shortlived.

Why did Summer Walker and London On Da Track get back together?

It looks like the “breakup” between the singer and the producer was mostly a misunderstanding. Shortly after Walker’s story went live –London surprised his lady on stage with a rose and a massive teddy bear. He later kissed her hand before they hugged and cuddled. When she saw her man’s grand gesture–Walker jumped into his arms.

She later posted on Instagram saying, “I’ll run bak to you before I let U walk away slime Love.”

These two seem happier than ever.