Who is the most overrated BTS member?

They’ve broken records, sold millions of albums, and even partnered with UNICEF for their anti-violence campaign. Together, BTS is one of the biggest boy bands in the world. Even individually, the K-pop idols found success, some showcasing their talent in solo songs and mixtapes. Who is the most overrated member of BTS? Here’s what some fans on Quora had to say.

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BTS fans say that the boys earn the attention they get

This K-pop group is one of the most popular boy bands in the world, breaking records and boundaries for other K-pop idols. This year, the group will perform at the King Fahd International Stadium in Saudi Arabia, making them the first international solo group to perform at the venue. They previously spoke about their anti-violence campaign at the United Nations. BTS even has their own phone game, BTS World. Together, these boys earn the attention they garner from fans across the globe.

“For one of the members to be overrated, it would mean that they got more attention than they deserved. I personally don’t feel that any of them get undeserved attention. These men have worked hard for years, and they still do. They’ve gone through much hardship, and therefore, they deserve the amount of positive attention that they’re getting. I might be a bit biased on this one, but if you looked into the group, I find that most people would agree,” said one fan on Quora.

The member who gets the most praise from fans is most likely Jungkook

Of course, all the members of BTS are extremely talented. The member who often gets the most praise, however, is most likely Jungkook. As the youngest member and as a gifted dancer, singer, and performer, this member is often called the Golden Maknae. Some fans think this attention might be unfair to other members of the boy band.

“Jungkook gets the maximum lines in any song because he has the vocals of a mainstream pop artist. But I feel like a lot of Jin-stans are unhappy that Jin gets the least lines in spite of being quite good. Jin’s voice is soulful. And so is Taehyung’s. But they end up not getting as much vocal exposure,” said one fan on Quora. “Jungkook is not overrated. But the Golden Maknae is overused by BigHit, leading to less exposure of the other members.”

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Who is the most underrated member of BTS?

There’s no question regarding the talent and popularity of the younger BTS members — V, Jungkook, and Jimin. Some BTS fans think this means that the oldest members are often underrated. That includes members like RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Maknae line, too, but they are extremely overrated compared to Hyung line. I think Hyung line should get [an] equal amount of attention and love as Maknae line,” said another fan on Quora. The most underrated member of BTS, however, varies based on who you ask. Some say that Suga’s rapping skills are unmatched. Others noticed RM’s talent as a rapper, producer, and leader, citing his English skills.

Albums by BTS, such as Map of the Soul: Persona, are available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most music streaming platforms.