Who Is the Richest Member of BTS?

BTS is one of the most successful bands to tour the world in decades. The K-Pop idol group kicked off in their home country of Korea before taking over the music industry on a global scale. They are the first band of their kind to extend their reach beyond South Korea. Need proof? BTS is not just one of the top, but THE top Googled boy band this year.

With the band collaborating with popular performers, selling out tickets in a heartbeat, and dropping records like there’s no tomorrow, BTS is doing pretty well for themselves. So, which of the drop dead gorgeous members is banking the biggest paycheck thanks to the band’s worldwide phenomenon status. 

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What is BTS’s net worth?

A quick search of various trustworthy sources shows that BTS’s current net worth is between $45 million and $60 million. They obviously sell tons of albums, and the tickets for their live shows sell out for basically every performance. Considering they are currently on tour, it’s safe to say that their worth is growing more and more every day!

It isn’t just music that makes BTS wealthy either! They are also brand ambassadors for a variety of companies around the globe. During 2018 they worked with Dunkin Donuts, Lotte Duty-Free, LG Electronics, LINE Friends, and Puma. Previous projects included working with VT, Smart, the perfume brand Clean, and SK Telecom. They even backed Coca Cola during the Russia FIFA World Cup!

While the K-pop group has amassed a net worth that tops half a million, it’s important to remember that each member also has their own projects and thusly an individual net worth. For example, Jin has his own restaurant in South Korea and RM, Suga, and J-Hope all have solo careers to bank on. 

Which member of BTS has the lowest net worth?

Saying someone has the lowest net worth sounds pretty harsh, especially since the members work together to create the band fans know and love. Well as it turns out, the estimated net worth of all but one member happens to be the same amount — $8 million. Sure, that may not seem like much, but considering just how successful the band is…this number will only go up. Any projects that the individual members tackle is bound to gain at least some traction due to their already steady standing. 

So where does the $8 million come from? In the case of Jungkook, he’s collected some checks on the side for appearing on various South Korean television shows including Celebrity Bromance, Flower Crew, and King of Mask Singer. The 21-year-old stunner isn’t the only member of the band to break into television either. Jimin popped up on the reality show Hello Counselor as well as the culinary show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator. He’s even played host on a handful of variety programs! 

Who is the wealthiest member of BTS?

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While BTS fans can debate over who is the most talented, the wealthiest member is decided by numbers and numbers alone. With the members of BTS juggling solo careers alongside their wildly successful K-pop career, it’s actually amazing to think that one out of the seven has taken the crown for most paid. Oh, and it’s probably not who you would expect.

J-Hope aka Jung Ho-seok is the member of the crew who currently has the highest net worth. How did he breeze past his BTS buds? When he released his mixtape Hope World, it instantly topped charts on a global scale. Obviously, the popularity helped him rack up some cash, $12 million to be exact. That’s roughly $4 million more than the other boys in the group!