Who Is ‘This Is Us’ Star Chris Sullivan’s Wife? The Two Are Expecting Their First Child

Everyone knows Chris Sullivan as Toby Damon on This Is Us. On TV, he plays the doting husband of Kate Pearson, played by Chrissy Metz. Who is Damon married to in real life? Here’s what we know.

Chris Sullivan has been married for 10 years

Chris Sullivan and Rachel Reichard
Chris Sullivan and his wife Rachel Reichard arrive for the HBO series premiere of ‘Camping’ | CHRIS DELMAS / AFP via Getty Images

Though Chris Sullivan has good on-screen chemistry with Metz, he’s been wed to short-film producer, Rachel Reichard for 10 years. They married six days before moving to New York City, where Sullivan would go on to star in the Broadway play Lombardi.

At nearly every red carpet event, Reichard is by Sullivan’s side, sporting an equally unique look all her own.

“We’re trying to have a little fun,” Sullivan said walking the red carpet at the 2017 Emmy’s.

Reichard’s IMDb list includes Sugar, Prelude (to Chadora), and Pooka. She’s also the co-founder of the consulting agency, Bright Shift, where the focus lies in team-building and brand management.

There’s little other information about Reichard, except that she loves yoga and the couple’s two dogs, Harrison and Sally Sullivan, who have their own Instagram account. Reichard also appears in a lot of Sullivan’s Instagram posts and videos where he’s not afraid to tell the world how much he loves his wife.

Sullivan had the best gender reveal for their first child

On Jan. 24, the couple took to social media to announce their first baby on the way.

“WE’RE HAVING OUR FIRST BABY! And we just found out the sex. Swipe through for the gender reveal,” Sullivan captioned his gallery of photos which took on phallic shapes to suggest they’re having a boy.

While Reichard’s announcement wasn’t so blunt, she explained they’re excited, decorating the nursery, searching for doulas, and choosing names. First and foremost, though, she rests.

 “Naps are my go-to self-care bc I’m just so [zzz emoji],” she joked.”So much to do and yet so much not to do, just enjoying the moment…life is good!” the actress shared. 

Does Sullivan consider himself to be like Toby Damon on ‘This Is Us’?

Sullivan has mentioned in previous interviews he and Toby’s humor are similar. This is especially true when it comes to romance.

“It’s important, and possibly even necessary for survival, but it has to be balanced with good boundaries and a healthy sense of self,” he said in an Instagram video highlighting he and Reichard’s relationship.

On a serious note, the two revealed to People what keeps them going strong.

“Romance means making yourself vulnerable,” Sullivan said. “Ask your partner what they need to feel loved and when they tell you, say, ‘I can do that!’ Love is an action verb, and romance is the result of those actions.”

As for how he shows his love for Reichard, he has it down pat.

“There are small things I do for her every day because I know she loves them,” he said. “Making a killer breakfast burrito? I got game. Washing the car? Love it. Doing the dishes? I love it more than washing the car. Executing small shows of affection for my #WonderWife lets her know I’m paying attention and care about things she cares about. And by the way, she does tons of stuff I love too.”

He also commented on Toby and Kate’s marriage saying, “Their marriage looks like two people learning to love themselves and navigate their shortcomings while attempting to care for each other. It will be a feat of relationship gymnastics, but they both seem pretty limber.”