Who Is Tom Selleck’s Wife and How Long Have They Been Together?

The Reagans on Blue Bloods are almost better known than Tom Selleck’s real family, even if both are relatively durable. Selleck’s real-life family isn’t nearly as large as the Reagans, despite having one daughter from his wife, plus a stepson from an earlier marriage.

Unlike Frank Reagan, who’s now a grieving widow, Selleck is still happily married to his wife, Jillie Mack. This coming August, they’ll have been married longer than more than 80 percent of their peers in Hollywood.

What is it that keeps them going strong? All the family values seen in Blue Bloods is more than just a pleasant coincidence.

A look at Tom Selleck’s past marriage

Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Some Selleck fans have forgotten he was first married in 1971 to a model named Jacqueline Ray. They married in the very early days of Selleck’s acting career after he left the California National Guard during the height of Vietnam.

Selleck and Ray stayed married, as they both worked as actors. Once Selleck hit superstardom with Magnum P.I., Rey even acted on the show with him. Divorced loomed, though, two years into the Magnum run.

If you were around in the early 1980s, you may remember the headlines about Selleck divorcing Ray and how she reeled from his sudden decision. He didn’t stay single too long, as he started dating Jillie Mack. When they married in 1987, Selleck was at the top of his game in not only Magnum P.I., but also in movies.

What is Jillie Mack’s background?

Those of you who don’t remember, Jillie Mack was an actress herself back in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. After her marriage to Selleck, they didn’t wait to have children. Their only child, a daughter named Hannah, was born in 1988.

Having a family to support didn’t become any easier when Magnum ended the same year. Selleck probably thought his career in movies would take off into superstardom.

Unfortunately, his movie stardom sputtered out. Most of his films post-Magnum years flopped, leaving Selleck at a loss on whether he’d be able to recover his career without having to move back to TV.

He was able to reinvent himself on TV making guest appearances on popular sitcoms (like Friends), plus doing popular TV movies. His relationship with Jillie Mack stayed strong along the way, which no doubt helped him relate to the true family values in Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck’s ranch in California has likely kept his marriage strong

Everyone who knows Selleck well enough knows his avocado farm in California has become his major pride and joy for decades. He and Mack moved there not long after they married and still reside there during his time off.

For Selleck, working on his farm is a form of a real vacation. Being there with his wife also brings joy not many Hollywood couples experience, particularly because they’re empty nesters now. Their daughter, Hannah, is 31 years today and has a career as an equestrian. She also looks a lot like her mom.

Selleck’s involvement with NCIS since 2005 — he is an executive producer — has kept his family life stable. Yet, there may come a time when he’ll have to retire. When he does, he may spend the rest of his days with his wife at the avocado ranch rather than vacationing in Cabo.

Will Tom Selleck stay with Jillie Mack for the rest of his life?

It’s a good bet once he officially retires from acting, he’ll find sheer bliss being with his wife. Considering they raised a well-established daughter together, there couldn’t be a stronger marriage in Hollywood. The fact that they don’t live directly in Hollywood also makes a big difference.

Should Selleck live into his 90s, their marriage may be one of the longest lasting ever, a list still all too short in the history of show business.