Who is Tyson Chandler’s Wife?

Tyson Chandler has enjoyed a long NBA career filled with boundless success. Once a star big man, he is now enjoying the twilight of his career as a role player on the Houston Rockets.

Off the court, however, Chandler has a loving family who supports him in every way. Chandler’s wife, Kimberly, has been by Tyson’s side for much of his career, and the pair have spoken at great lengths about being there for one another. 

Tyson Chandler
Tyson Chandler | Tim Warner/Getty Images

Who is Kimberly Chandler?

Kimberly Chandler has made herself a career as a philanthropist and a journalist. One particular interest of hers, fashion, has helped her get into the pages of Vogue Magazine.

Her interest in fashion has even allowed her to be dressed by legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour at the exclusive Met Gala.

As a journalist, Kimberly has lent her voice to a variety of topics. Aside from fashion, she often blogs about parenting, being a high-profile wife of an NBA star, and what it means to be a role model to a younger generation. Like her husband, Kimberly enjoys using her time to support causes that are bigger than herself. 

How did they meet? 

In a piece for Propel Women, Kimberly recounted how she met her NBA husband while the two were still in high school. Introduced through a friend of theirs, they began to go on movie dates and getting to know each other.

When Kimberly left for college, the relationship was put to the test. A few years later, Tyson was the second overall pick in the NBA Draft. 

According to Kimberly, her relationship with Tyson is built through a shared faith that she believes puts them together before they even knew each other. 

“I wholeheartedly believe that God chose Tyson and I to be mates for a purpose greater than we can ever begin to truly imagine,” Kimberly wrote. ” A purpose for His works! I believe we are destined for an Ephesians 3:20 kind of life. He began molding us separately throughout our childhoods and again as a couple. He began shaping us, feeding us, and preparing our hearts with His unyielding word.”

Their relationship has only grown stronger since.

When did they get married?

Both fans of movies, Kimberly had always loved the way that Richard Gere’s character in the film Pretty Woman proposed to Julia Roberts’ character at Barney’s. Tyson decided to propose to Kimberly, he took it upon himself to recreate the scene as closely as possible and surprise her with an engagement at the same store

The couple got married in 2005 when Tyson was 22 and Kimberly was 23, and as the family’s patriarch has moved around the country with each new NBA job, they have grown and remained close throughout the process. 

Do they have kids?

Aside from her work as a journalist, Kimberly is a stay at home mom for the couple’s children three children, Sayge, Sacha-Marie, and Tyson II. Kimberly takes her job as a mother seriously and has written extensively about what she believes makes a successful parent.

I believe children thrive on structure and correction, especially when they see that it comes from a place of love and care,” Kimberly wrote at The Tot. “When my babies were younger the main focus was to nurture and love them. I am now molding them into the people I want them to be as I nurture and love on them. I don’t take the job of raising respectful, intelligent and well-rounded human beings lightly.”

As Tyson’s NBA career approaches its ending, he can take refuge in knowing that he has a family who will continue to support him as he moves into whatever his next chapter entails.

Kimberly has been with Tyson since the beginning of his NBA journey, and with a healthy relationship and three kids to look after, the pair still takes time to open up and show that they are just like the rest of us when it comes to their love of family.