Who Is YouTube Sensation, Terrell Grice?

YouTube and other social media channels, such as Instagram, have become a way for Hollywood hopefuls to attract attention to themselves in hopes of landing their big break. Justin Beiber was one of the first to find major success from posting videos of himself singing and many have followed in his footsteps. The latest to do so is YouTube sensation Terrell Grice.

Terrell Grice Lalah Hathaway
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The witty and entertaining internet star has gained a large fanbase from his online show, The Terrell Show. Each episode features famous and underground talent proving their skills to viewers. YouTube fans wait patiently as each episode drops and the social media commentary is always positive. 

Who is Terrell Grice?

Terrell Grice is a South Carolina native and host of the YouTube show, The Terrell Show. His show took off in 2018 and is popular because of its celebrity guests, fun games and engagement with viewers.

Music is a major component of his successful YouTube show and that’s because he grew up in a musical family. His grandmother was his Sunday school teacher and Terrell began singing in the church choir at an early age. He was so invested in the church that he had no idea any music existed outside of Gospel music. 

In an interview with Z-POV, Terrell says he did not discover R&B music until he was 14-years-old. He jokingly admitted:

“The music I could listen to in the house, we had lots of CeCe Winans, Mahalia Jackson, Donnie McClurkin, The Clark Sisters. When I got to high school that’s when I kind of branched out and discovered our good friend, Brandy.  It was around the time of the Afrodisiac album and that was the first album that I could sing straight through. Then I found Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey.”


His show features singers across all genres, including gospel, country, and R&B.

What did Terrell Grice do before YouTube?

Terrell attended film school at Full Sail University in Florida. A lover of both music and film, his lifelong dream was to be a music video director. After graduation, he moved to LA where he landed a job in the casting department of a company that signed scouted talent for reality television shows. He was responsible for casting mainly reality competition shows, such as Master Chef and Showtime At The Apollo.

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Working in casting was fun for Terrell but he yearned for more outside of his 9 to 5. He became obsessed with intrigued by the digital world after recognizing that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu began creating their own original programming. YouTube sparked Terrell’s interest when he noticed that YouTubers began to brand themselves from their online video personas. Once YouTubers began to enter into partnerships with major companies and make profits off it their deals, Terrell knew he needed to make a move. 

Terell admits that his show was sort of an accident. He began making videos where he would review albums and artists in late 2017, but did not know what to do with his channel when it stalled on video views. After watching an episode of The Four on FOX, a lightbulb went off. Using his knowledge from working in casting, he contacted one of the contestants, Noah, and asked to interview him. The episode was a hit and it snowballed into what it is today. 

What is Terrell Grice’s YouTube show about?

The Terrell Show is a YouTube show that Terrell started in 2018. Guests are interviewed on their lives and careers in between showcasing their vocal chops. He has most guests play the game, Song association, which requires them to sing the lyrics to a song with only one word he gives them as their hint. Each guest has a 10-second countdown clock looming over their heads while they figure out a song that includes the word provided to them by Terrell.

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Song Association has included famous faces, including Lalah Hathaway and Amber Riley. Other social media stars have gained further notoriety from appearing on the show. Many of the guests are people that Terrell himself cast for singing competition shows that he worked on in the past. 

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He credits the success of his show to mixing interviewing with a fun game and says he learned to do so from his time working in casting. “I had to go find them, talk to them and understand their lives,” he said. “So, I basically interviewed them to see if they were interesting enough to be on TV. What I didn’t know at the time that that was preparing me for [my channel].”

The show is in its second season and has gained more followers week after week. Terrell’s YouTube channel currently has over 470,000 subscribers and counting. OUT.com labeled Terrell the internet’s best-kept secret in a march 2019 profile piece.