Who Plays Jamie in the Progressive Commercials and What Is His Net Worth?

Many know Flo (Stephanie Courtney) from the Progressive commercials. The insurance company knows how to make a quirky 30-seconds spot that sticks. This is largely due to the cast. Who plays Flo’s right-hand-man, Jamie in the commercials?

Progressive commercials leave a lasting impression among fans

Jim Cashman'
Michaela Watkins, Jim Cashman | Evans Vestal Ward/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

These days, it’s hard to stand out. In the TV world, commercials run all day, every day. Companies who create memorable commercials find the most success and such is true with the insurance conglomerate, Progressive.

In 30 seconds, the company manages to introduce viewers to their off-beat characters (such as Flo) to show off their famous “Name Your Price Tool.” While the quick wit and interesting concepts are enough to draw in new customers, it’s the stars of each commercial that drives it home.

Stephanie Courtney’s Flo may be the main spokesperson of the brand, it’s unassuming Jamie who often steals the show.

Here’s the actor who plays Jamie

Actor, Jim Cashman, has graced TV screens as Progressive’s Jamie since 2014. Though Courtney’s appeared in over 100 commercials for the company since she took on the role of Flo in 2008, the addition of Jamie gave the brand another level of humor.

Cashman, whose IMDb credits stem back to 1999, has appeared in projects like Just Shoot Me!, Grey’s Anatomy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, to name a few.

Las Vegas, Nevada native got his start at Los Angeles’s famed Groundlings Comedy Theatre, where many other notable comedians (Saturday Night Live alum) began.

The actor, also known for his role in the 2016 film, The Boss, has been married to actress Michelle Noh (who also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy three years earlier than her husband) since November 15, 2003.

What is Cashman’s net worth?

As of now, Cashman’s approximate net worth is around $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. While he seems to make the majority of his money through Progressive commercials, Cashman still takes on other projects as well.

The site noted that unknown actors typically take a flat fee for commercials to avoid paying union wages every time the commercial airs. However, with Cashman’s popularity, he’s estimated to bring hoe around $500,000 per year for working with Progressive.

That aside, Cashman’s written fro shows like The Looney Tunes Show, Saturday Night Live, and Benched. He also “wrote and co-executive produced the TV movie, Amy’s Brother, and directed the short Dinner Conversation.”