Who Plays Milton In ‘Office Space’ and What Is He Doing Now?

The 1999 cult hit, Office Space, launched a few unknowns into superstardom. The comedy, based on animated shorts that were created by Mike Judge, is a feature-length hot take on the workplace commonalities. Between the cubicles and the quietly ignored grumblings of Milton — the character the video shorts and movie are based on — Office Space is a movie for the ages. Who plays Milton and what is he doing now?

‘Office Space’ is based on animated shorts

Stephen Root
Stephen Root | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Acura

Mike Judge has created many hits over the years but Office Space didn’t start out that way. The film, based on “Milton” animated shorts Judge created and voiced in the ’90s, opened the portal to everyday work life with a slight Silicon Valley feel (which he also created).

The movie, which is 21 years old, didn’t do well at the box office with a mere $10.8 million, according to Variety. Viewers didn’t really discover the hit until its release on DVD and cable, making it an eventual pop culture phenomenon.

The Texas Film Hall of Fame nominee introduced the world to “flair,” even going so far as to inspire T.G.I.Friday’s to eliminate their striped-shirt work attire and mandatory pins and buttons after the film’s release.

“The main message of the movie is, you got to give yourself permission to do the things that make you happy even if it’s going to disappoint your employer,” explained star, Ron Livingston.

He continued: “People come and tell me that the movie changed their life. It’s like after seeing the movie, it gave them the confidence to get out of whatever it was they were doing that was making them miserable and move on to something else. I only hear from the people for whom that worked out, but hopefully, there’s not too many that regret it.”

That said, the stellar cast is one big selling point. Milton, the mumbling worker who’s asked to move his desk every day, is the real star.

Who plays Milton?

“The ratio of people to cake is too big,” is just one of the many things Milton mumbles throughout Office Space. No one ever listened, but in the end, Milton won out by setting the office on fire and moving to Mexico. He only wanted to keep his stapler and to be left alone, despite having been laid off five years prior and no one telling him.

Seasoned actor, Stephen Root, played Milton in the 1999 satire. Office Space isn’t the only big project on Root’s resume. The Sarasota, Florida native has appeared in dozens of films, TV shows, and animated series over the years.

You can catch Root bringing characters to live outside of Milton in O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Selma, No Country for Old Men, and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. His animated features include Rango, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Ice Age & Ice Age: The Melt Down, and The Country Bears.

Root also played a radio station owner on NBC’s NewsRadio for five seasons, as well as a slew of others.

What is Root up to these days?

In 2019, Root completed eight projects with three of those as recurring roles: Barry, Amphibia, and The Man in the High Castle. He doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2020.

According to IMDb, Root has six projects so far this year with one in pre-production, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Root plays the recurring voice role of Cringer.

It’s hard to say if there would ever be an Office Space reunion or follow-up. But, if Mike Judge gets behind it, it’s as good as gold.