Who Possibly Gets Fired on ‘Below Deck’ Season 6?

Ashton Pienaar, Ross Inia — (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach has plenty of experience dealing with his share of numbskulls. However, the trailer for season six, he’s clearly had enough of someone as a crew member is barricaded in a bedroom and warned to leave in an hour by chief stewardess Kate Chastain.

A few suspects come to mind who likely ticked off the captain (and other crew members). And while Bravo has yet to reveal who gets a “plane ticket home,” three individuals come to mind. An early blog by Rosbach provides a few breadcrumb hints to what he may be thinking.

Caroline Bedol


Cracks begin to show immediately during dinner service. The galley is crowded while Chef Adrian Martin is busy preparing dinner and Chastain and second stew, Josiah Carter trying to assess the air conditioning system. Enter third stew, Caroline Bedol, trying to get Chastain’s attention, although Chastain is clearly in mid-conversation. In a quick second, Carter “shushes” Bedol which sets her off.”Don’t shush me,” Bedol snaps back. Chastain handles the situation well, moving her crew along but clearly, Bedol is angry.

Later, Bedol discloses she is dealing with some hard personal issues too. Her mother has dementia, which is obviously extremely upsetting. Bedol breaks down during one episode and needs to be alone.

While Rosbach seems sympathetic, drama doesn’t bode well for him on charter. “Caroline, I’m not sure what to think at this point in time,” he recently blogged. “I feel that you are overwhelmed by the boat and personal issues, and I just hope that it works out. You seem very stressed to me, and your job is hard enough without having extraneous issues to try to cope with as well. Oh, one other thing, did you seriously tell Josiah that his anal beads arrived? Might have rethought that one.”

Chandler Brooks

Rosbach has high expectations for his bosuns. So when bosun Chandler Brooks started the season being a little wishy-washy, Rosbach called him out.

“Chandler, just a couple of points that I think could help you out,” Rosbach blogged. “I don’t think anyone is going to give anyone respect just because they demand it. IMO, it’s something that is earned by one’s actions and how they treat people and situations. I would have left Ashton at the club and let him explain to you in the a.m. when he was sober why he thought that his behavior was proper.”

Rosbach was also furious with the deck crew when they allowed an inebriated guest to not only board a jet ski but ride around at top speed without a helmet. Brooks seemed pretty casual about it, saying if the guest doesn’t want to wear one, he wasn’t going to make him. In Rosbach’s book that was a totally wrong move.

Rhylee Gerber

By now everyone on deck and in the universe knows she’s a boat captain. Whenever someone questions third deckhand, Rhylee Gerber’s performance she likes to remind them of her resume. Gerber is a fishing boat captain in Alaska also doesn’t like to be micromanaged either. Her first mistake was gossiping about bosun Chandler Brooks to the rest of the crew while Brooks was in the next room. Brooks emerged while she was in mid-blab, probably because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Finally, Chastain shuts Gerber down but that didn’t fly well with Gerber.

Brooks meets with Gerber the next day and says to Gerber, “I’m gonna keep this short and sweet: last night, I think some things were said that both of us probably regret,” ET reports. “I know I did not handle that situation as well as I should’ve, so I apologize for that. We’re good, but if anything happens like that again, the disrespect… I mean, would you talk to Captain like that?”

The talk didn’t seem to work, as Gerber continued to bark back at the entire deck crew when they didn’t recognize her skillset. Rosbach had this ominous warning in his blog. “Rhylee, you are a bright girl and a captain as well, just not on this boat. You are starting out at the very bottom, and it won’t work well for you if you do not figure out a way to work this out and get along.” Rosback said Gerber can’t argue with everyone about “Everything all the time or things will become unbearable. You are very fortunate that I wasn’t party to the scene in the crew mess that night; things would not have worked out well.”

So who ultimately gets the boot? No one knows for sure but the crew, but the writing seems to be on the wall.

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