Who Was Voted Off in ‘Survivor 40’ Episode 2 This Week? — It Was Self-Destruction Like Never Before

With the 20th anniversary season of Survivor underway, and three contestants already voted off, the chaos is running rampant. At tribal council this week, Boston Rob Mariano forced his entire tribe to empty their bags to find out who already found a hidden immunity idol.

Jeff Probst was shocked to have another Survivor first in the 40th season. Then we witnessed the self-destruction of one old-school player. Let’s take a look at who the third player voted off of Survivor: Winners at War was.  

[Warning: Survivor 40: Winners at War spoilers ahead]

Adam Klein, Parvati Shallow and Danni Boatwright
Adam Klein, Parvati Shallow and Danni Boatwright | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Boston Rob admits he blew the immunity challenge in ‘Survivor 40’

On day 6 of the 40th anniversary season, the survivors get another classic immunity challenge. The two tribes race with a cart that holds three chests on it. They must retrieve three keys to open these chests. Then they take apart the carts, carry them through a barricade, and reassemble them on the other side. 

Once the tribes get the chests to the end, the puzzle solvers must open the chests and build a giant dragon with the pieces. The challenge is very physical; however, as is typical, it came down to the puzzle. 

Sandra Diaz-Twine and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe had a sizable headstart on the puzzle; however, Denise Stapley and Rob worked quickly to close the gap. Viewers thought that Rob was going to pull ahead because of his excellent puzzle skills. However, the duo spent too much time organizing their second section of the puzzle and ended up losing the challenge.

When Sele gets back to camp, Rob apologizes for blowing the puzzle challenge. However, he still feels confident that he won’t be voted off. 

At Sele’s camp, paranoia sets in

Parvati Shallow, Rob, and Ethan Zohn hang out on the beach discussing strategy after the loss at the immunity challenge. However, Danni Boatwright feels left out since the three people she thought she was in an alliance with are talking without her. 

Danni starts getting so nervous that she begins plotting against her alliance in front of Ethan. The woman tells Ben Driebergen — who is very much “new school” — about the “old-school” agreement, and Ethan is in shock. 

“She was in no danger whatsoever,” Rob Cesternino told Stephen Fishbach on The Survivor Know-It-Alls “Recap Episode 2 of Winners at War.”

The two previous Survivor contestants discussed how Danni’s gameplay was one of the most effective self-destructions of a game ever. She was in an “unobtrusive position.” She managed to out the alliance of old-schoolers to everybody and in the process get herself ousted.

Danni Boatwright is the third person sent to the Edge of Extinction on ‘Survivor 40’

After the crazy Survivor paranoia got to her, Sele voted her off. She began plotting to get out Parvati, and there was no way Rob was going to stand for that.  

“Danni’s disadvantages are that it’s been a long time since she played and today’s game moves so much faster,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly. “So when that panic hit, I think she was a bit out of practice, and before she could get her footing, she saw the game blazing past her at supersonic speed, and she overplayed.”

Probst agrees that the paranoia got to Danni. He also went on to reveal that she is not the only one this season who makes a huge mistake that costs them. 

Episode 3 of Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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