Who Went Home on ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5? Peter Weber Eliminated 6 Women — So Who Is Left?

No matter what you believe, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is not America’s Next Top Model — and certainly not America’s Next Top Best Friend. The Feb. 3 episode kicked off the night with a rose ceremony, eliminating four of Weber’s women straightaway. Then after a modelling gig and more drama among the cast, fans were gifted with a second rose ceremony, which sent two women packing. So who went home and who is left after The Bachelor Episode 5? Weber is down to the wire and we’re not sure he has a winner just yet.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 5.]

Peter Weber eliminates Alayah Benavidez in ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5

The Bachelor Season 24 Week 5 opened by Weber’s elimination of Alayah Benavidez. In the previous episode, Weber invited the former Miss Texas USA to return to the mansion. However, after the other women went off on the bachelor. So in the Feb. 3 episode, Weber decides to let Alayah go.

“This is a little too much and I don’t want to put you through any more of this,” Weber says. “I think it’s probably time to say goodbye.”

The couple walks hand-in-hand and before Alayah heads home, she apologizes. 

“It’s too much. I’m sorry that I made this so hard for you,” Alayah says.

Then Weber jumps right into the rose ceremony, sending three women home.

‘The Bachelor’ Week 5 group date sparks drama

Weber went on two one-on-one dates during The Bachelor Week 5 episode. First, he hits it off with Sydney Hightower, who opens up about her past. Then Kelley Flanagan gets real with the bachelor. At first, Weber tries to pin their lack of connection on Kelley. However, she calls him out on “rewarding bad behavior,” which always leads to less time with other contestants. They eventually come together with an understanding and hope their relationship progresses. 

Despite two romantic dates, there is more drama featured in the episode. When Weber flies off with Sydney, Kelsey Weier breaks down, stressed over competing “against other girls for attention.” Tammy Ly tries to talk to her and tells her the reality of the situation. However, nothing prevails.

Then at the group date, Weber’s contestants partake in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan. Victoria Fuller wins. But during the shoot, Weber kisses a few of the women, sparking some jealousy within some castmates. 

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Later, Kelsey opens up about her struggles with Weber. He appreciates her honesty and reassures her they’re on a good path. But then Tammy tells Weber that Kelsey had a “mental breakdown” and drank excessively when the bachelor went on his date with Sydney. Kelsey denies the claims. But regardless, Hannah Ann Sluss receives the group date rose — not that fans actually got to see the romance blossom.

Ahead of the next rose ceremony, Kelsey and Tammy confront one another. Once again, it seems like there is no resolve. Then Kelsey goes to Weber and refutes Tammy’s alcoholism and drug allegations. Weber takes it in and gives Kelsey a rose. But then Weber decides to stir the pot and cancels the cocktail party.

Eventually, all the women are fighting with one another — again. And spoiler alert — no one comes off well. Everyone seems angry at Kelsey for going to Weber, taking away more time from everybody else. Tammy loses her cool on Sydney. Sydney belittles Tammy. Victoria Paul is also accused of spreading the pill-popping rumor about Kelsey, but the former Miss Louisiana USA just wants to be excluded from the narrative. It’s a mess.

And then the rose ceremony begins — sort of.

Who goes home on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5?

Peter Weber visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on September 17, 2019 in Burbank, California.
Peter Weber | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Before diving into The Bachelor Week 5 elimination, Weber is interrupted by Tammy. She tries to clear her name and is eventually interrupted by Mykenna Dorn. No other women attempt for more time with the 28-year-old pilot. Now, the rose ceremony really begins. So here’s who went home — and who is left —  by the end of the Feb. 3 episode:

  • Alayah, 24-year-old orthodontist assistant from Texas: Eliminated
  • Deandra, 23-year-old home care coordinator from Texas: Eliminated
  • Hannah Ann, 23-year-old model from Tennessee: In the running
  • Kelley, 27-year-old attorney from Illinois: In the running
  • Kelsey, 28-year-old professional clothier from Iowa: In the running
  • Kiarra, 23-year-old nanny from Georgia: Eliminated
  • Lexi, 26-year-old marketing coordinator from New York: Eliminated
  • Madison, 23-year-old foster parent recruiter from Alabama: In the running
  • Mykenna, 22-year-old fashion blogger from Canada: In the running
  • Natasha, 31-year-old event planner from New York: In the running
  • Savannah, 27-year-old realtor from Texas: Eliminated
  • Shiann, 27-year-old administrative assistant from Nevada: Eliminated
  • Sydney, 24-year-old retail marketing manager from Alabama: In the running
  • Tammy, 24-year-old house flipper from New York: In the running
  • Victoria F., 25-year-old medical sales representative from Virginia: In the running
  • Victoria P., 27-year-old nurse from Louisiana: In the running

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