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Bravo’s Summer House promises to melt the winter blues this year with some of the same hot cast and new faces to get to know too. Returning in March for a third season, Summer House follows a group of Manhattan-based friends. The group rents a luxurious summer share home in the exclusive Hamptons. And cameras catch every crazy weekend all summer long.

For the first two seasons, Summer House featured some of the same engaging cast members. This included  Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, and Danielle Olivera, who return for season three, People reports. However, some of the main cast members did not return this year. Who won’t be back and why?

This is why cast members won’t return

A source told Daily Mail cast members were fired from the show before season three began filming. “As with all Bravo shows, production sometimes refreshes the cast, but it doesn’t mean they don’t come back or make an appearance in the season,” a source told People.

Main reasons cited for firing certain cast members was that they either didn’t connect with the viewers and were generally not “someone I’d like to spend the summer with,” the source told Daily Mail.

She was initially fired but returns for season three

One cast member was reported as being axed from the show but is featured in the season three trailer, plus the cast list. Originally, Daily Mail reported that Danielle Olivera would not return. Olivera joined the cast during season two and her low key, no drama personality made her one of the cast members who lacked a viewer connection, according to Daily Mail.

However, Olivera is indeed back, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. Last summer Olivera seemed consumed with finding a job (which makes sense). But, according to her bio, she’s gainfully employed and “ready to break some hearts.” Amit Neuman, who also joined the cast last season, is not returning.

They won’t return (but may make an appearance)

The infamous Wirkus twins won’t be featured again this year. A source told Daily Mail, “The twins weren’t popular with viewers and were not seen as likable or aspirational.”

Lauren posted to Instagram in June, “Since many of you have asked, my sister and I will not be returning as cast members on Summer House this season. We are so grateful to Bravo for the past two summers and we are excited for what’s in store next. We love all of you for being a part of this journey with us! More to come very soon, happy summer everyone and see you in the Hamptons!”

Lauren and housemate Carl Radke endured a tense relationship after dating on an off each summer. Plus, Lauren’s sister Ashley, who is married, ended up leaving during season two because she moved to California. Ashley recently posted a picture on Instagram proudly hold her baby bump. “I’m already #22 weeks and I have no crazy cravings yet but CARBS are definitely my best friend. I’m also not going to fit into normal clothes much longer so if you have recommendations for cute maternity clothes let me know.”

He was shocked to learn he was off the show

Apparently, Wirkus bestie Stephen McGee won’t be back and was shocked to learn he was fired, according to Daily Mail. “Perhaps his close relationship with the twins didn’t do him any favors,” a source said.

McGee seemed to grapple with a cooled down friendship with Radke last season and often lashed out. He tweeted about his departure in June. “I am honestly so f**king excited for you all to see what I am working on now. you honestly won’t even be thinking about the hamptons anymore. @Bravotv.”  McGee posted about co-hosting The Morning Toast by mid-July.

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