Whoopi Goldberg Once Made Keanu Reeves Very Uncomfortable With This Graphic Story About Her Pubic Hair

Whoopi Goldberg likes to keep things real and is never one to hold back. When she launched into a graphic description of the aging process during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, another guest on the show, Keanu Reeves, asked an innocent follow-up question. Based on his reaction, Reeves looked like he regretted asking her for more details.

Whoopi Goldberg and Keanu Reeves during the filming of The Graham Norton Show
Whoopi Goldberg and Keanu Reeves | Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg shared details about aging

During a 2017 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the host asked Goldberg about a standup show she was doing at the time. The View host explained, “It’s about what happens when you don’t realize that you have gotten older.”

Goldberg shared how she went to a Steely Dan concert and thought, “Damn, there are some old people at this concert” — but when she passed a mirror, she realized she was one of them.

She continued, “So it’s about waking up and realizing you’re not the youngest thing in the room anymore but all the things that that entails … because everything’s on the floor, you’re picking it up, you’re putting it on your head. It’s a whole thing.”

Whoopi Goldberg got graphic and Keanu Reeves needed some clarification

When Norton asked Goldberg, “I’ve heard you talking about this mysterious hair loss for women,” she responded, “You mean the balding pudenda?”

Reeves was interested in finding out what she was talking about … but might have gotten more than he bargained for.

The actor asked, “What is that?” and Goldberg began to choose her words carefully, with Reeves appearing initially freaked out.

“In one’s youth…” she began, and he interrupted, “Oh wait, do I want to know what this is?”

He braced himself for the explanation. “I don’t know if you do,” Goldberg continued, “But I will just put it this way. There was once a time where … I don’t even know if I should tell him.”

Reeves looked downright terrified at this point, clenching his fists in anticipation.

Goldberg explained that she was referring to pubic hair, which made Reeves giggle a bit. “Once where there was an afro, that I could put beads on and braid…,” she explained

“Wow,” was all Reeves could muster.

She finished her sentence, explaining, “There is now Paul Shaffer’s head.”


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Reeves had a rock legend for a babysitter

This awkward conversation with Goldberg can now be added to Reeves’ arsenal of interesting stories. In a 2017 interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Reeves detailed how rocker Alice Cooper was his babysitter.

The actor’s mother was a costume designer and worked with Cooper and, somehow, he stepped in to babysit the young Reeves.

“I grew up in Toronto and I lived on a street called Hazleton and there was a recording studio there called Nimbus 9 and my mother was in costume design,” Reeves explained. “She was in rock and roll, in the business and they had friends and she had friends and so Alice Cooper, I’m told, babysat me. I mean, I don’t know how that could actually possibly happen, but it did … supposedly.”

His memories of the time were fuzzy, but he did recall one interesting thing. “I remember that there was fake poo in the fridge. Like somehow, that connected like that,” he explained.