Why 1 Magazine Cover Has Fans Calling Kylie Jenner ‘Out Of Touch’ With Reality

At the beginning of their careers, celebrities rising to fame are usually humble. They’re testing the waters, still unsure of their footing. But for the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, growing up in the spotlight and being famous almost her entire life might have caused her to skip this particular stage. After all, it’s all she’s been exposed to, and it’s being passed down to her daughter, Stormi.

Why fans love to hate Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner in a lavender dress with lavender fluffy sleeves
Kylie Jenner | John Shearer/Getty Images

Part of being a celebrity is allowing the public into your life on some level. For Jenner, this is mostly by choice, as it’s a lifestyle the Kardashian-Jenners have made for themselves. Fans love the drama of following along with her life, but they can also be pretty opinionated when it comes to commenting on how they feel about her choices. 

They made it known when she posted on Instagram sharing a photo of Stormi wearing hoop earrings; the response was one of shock and even criticism. Fans have said she’s trying too hard to look like her sister, Kim. They’ve gone off on her choice of nails, saying they look like marker caps. And while it’s Jenner’s money, fans still criticize how she spends it

While many fans love her fashion sense and others think she’s the most down to earth, fans still find ways to love to hate her. She’s apparently the least relatable Kardashian-Jenner, too.

The magazine cover that set fans off

Jenner was recently on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and did a lengthy interview giving insight into her life, motherhood, family, and career. While some interviews go better than others, fans didn’t quite understand this one. In fact, some fans called her out of touch with reality. It wasn’t necessarily the interview that caused it, though; it was the photos within. 

For the photoshoot, Jenner dressed in historical clothing with a Marie Antoinette feel, but donned modern makeup and her classic facial expressions. The title referred to her having her cake and eating it too, and it fell flat to many fans. While some fans did appreciate the stark contrast of the clothes with the makeup and the person wearing them, along with the backdrop of her office, many felt it exuded arrogance and was another sign that Jenner and her whole family were out of touch with reality. Some surmised that they weren’t even aware of how they were coming off while others felt they probably didn’t even care; any press is good press. 

One fan commented on a Reddit thread that, “If anything, this illustrates just how comfortable she is with her wealth and flaunting it. She doesn’t care about people outside of her circle.” While fans discussed what the PR strategy could have been to let the Kardashian-Jenners approve of this shoot, another felt that “being styled as Marie Antoinette is very fitting. Both obscenely wealthy and out of touch with reality.” It sounds like that was certainly what the magazine was going for, whether Jenner realized it or not. 

How Kylie Jenner feels about it all

Jenner may not be all that bad. While fans and critics may call her out of touch with reality, she feels she’s pretty grounded. While it may seem odd that other celebrities are the ones that keep her in check, that’s precisely who she credits. Jenner shared that since her family has all experienced a great deal of fame and wealth, they keep each other level-headed. “I think it’s a rare situation when your entire family is in the same position as you. I think that has a lot to do with why we are still us. Kim or Khloé or Kendall can’t just start acting different one day. I have their support, and I can always run to my mom or my dad or my sisters, and they all know what we’re going through,” Jenner shared.

It comes with the territory

When you have over 160 million Instagram followers and live life on a TV show, you’re going to get some negative attention, even from fans. But whatever Kylie’s choices are, they are hers to make.