Why Angela Yee Says August Alsina Told the World About His Relationship With Jada Pinkett Smith

The conversation surrounding the past relationship between August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith has been mixed. Some spectators were appreciative of the honesty of both parties while others played the blame game. One of the criticisms of Alsina was that he had no right to speak on the relationship at all. But Angela Yee disagrees. The Breakfast Club host revealed in a new interview why Alsina was justified in sharing his story, and that being open is part of his healing.

August Alsina and Angela Yee
August Alsina and Angela Yee via Twitter

August Alsina discusses past relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith with Angela Yee

For the first time in over two years, Alsina sat down for an emotional and honest interview with Yee. The singer talked about everything from his tough childhood and public battle with addiction.

Yee questioned the typically private Alsina about his dating life, specifically with Smith. The two met in 2015 after Alsina befriended Smith’s son, Jaden. Smith took on Alsina as a mentor, vowing to help him overcome his addiction. While separated from her husband Will, Smith admitted that she and Alsina entered into a different “entanglement.”

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The two were reportedly in a three-year relationship, which Alsina says was approved by Will. Alsina said he was head over heels in love with Smith, and that he “gave his all” during their time together. Upon suspicion that the Smiths were reconciling, Alsina ended the relationship and cut off all ties, which he says was the most painful decision he ever made. 

Angela Yee says August Alsina spoke respectfully of Jada Pinkett Smith and he spoke out to heal his broken heart

Smith corroborated Alsina’s account of their relationship, adding that she was drawn to Alsina because of her history of codependency and her desire to want to “fix” people she thought were broken. She herself alleged that she was in a broken state during her relationship with Alsina after Will declared their marriage was over. Now, the Smiths insist they are in the best place in their marriage and maintain a love for Alsina.

After weeks of her interview with Alsina trending, Yee gave an exclusive interview with The Jasmine Brand, explaining that Alsina held Smith in high regard and to her, was respectful in the manner in which he spoke of Smith.

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“I think he was very respectful in the way that he told the story. He wasn’t like, ‘F*ck that h*e!’ He was just like, ‘I was in love. I had deep feelings,’” Yee said.

Many initially questioned why Alsina felt the need to speak publicly about the relationship, to begin with. For Yee, the answer is simple: to help mend his broken heart.

“I think the main thing was – let’s not forget this was somebody who thought they were in a situation, and his feelings were hurt. And you can’t negate that someone’s feelings were hurt, and they wanted to tell their story,” she explained.

Yee also explained that there was a lot more to the story that Alsina could have spoken of, including the intimate details of their “entanglement.” Yet, she believes Alsina was the ultimate gentleman by choosing to keep those details private.