Why Anna Faris’ Former Dog Was Once Found Homeless on the Street

Back in 2016, Anna Faris was in deep trouble with Los Angeles-based animal shelter Kinder4Rescue. The reason? Faris adopted a dog named Pete from the shelter, and the dog was later found homeless and malnourished on the street. In a statement, the actress explained why the dog was no longer in her care.

Anna Faris
Anna Faris | Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic

Anna Faris’ former dog was brought to a vet

In November 2016, Kinder4Rescue owner Laurel Kinder spoke exclusively to TMZ. Kinder explained that Pete, a Chihuahua, was found malnourished on the street and brought to a local vet. At the vet, the dog was scanned for a microchip, and the microchip was connected to Kinder4Rescue and Faris.

Kinder claimed Kinder4Rescue repeatedly called Faris once the dog was returned to the shelter. The shelter owner also told TMZ that Faris signed a contract stating she would not rehome the dog without alerting Kinder4Rescue first, and if she did rehome the dog without alerting the shelter she would be fined $5,000.

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Anna Faris released a statement about the dog

After Faris was alerted that Pete was found, she released an exclusive statement to People. In the statement, Faris explained that her son was allergic to the dog, and so she gave the dog away to what she thought was a loving home.

Faris also admitted that she “failed” to alert Kinder4Rescue that she planned to rehome the dog, telling People:

“Five years ago I adopted an adorable Chihuahua named Pete, from the Kinder4Rescue Animal Rescue. Unfortunately when our son was born, we discovered that he was allergic to Pete, so I found what I thought was a loving and responsible family to care for him.

My agreement with the animal rescue required me to contact them first before allowing another family to take Pete in. I failed to do this, and for that I am deeply sorry. I now understand the dangers of giving animals away for free.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Pete has been found and is back in the hands of Kinder4Rescue. I feared that he had been lost forever and, although he is malnourished and in need of care, it seems he is going to make a full recovery. For this, I am so deeply thankful. We appreciate everyone who has sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers for Pete. Thank you!”

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This was not the first time she gave a pet away

In 2011, Chris Pratt, Faris’ ex-husband, used Twitter to rehome a cat Faris adopted. The cat, named Mrs. White, previously starred in Stuart Little as Snowbell. When Pratt rehomed the cat, she suffered from incontinence and was of old age.

Animal lovers were particularly upset that Pratt rehomed a senior cat. However, Pratt defended himself in a blog post that Huffington Post republished.

In the blog post, Pratt explained that he and Faris planned to start a family and that was the reason they rehomed the cat, writing:

“To those of you somehow hung up on the notion that I kicked the walker out from underneath our cat and threw her into the streets, first of all, cats don’t use walkers, so that’s a ridiculous notion. Secondly… I found my aging cat a god d*mn loving home! Ease up with the death threats for heaven’s sake!”

“Bottom line, and not that this is any of your f*cking business weirdos, but my wife and I want to start a family and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have an animal that sh*ts all over the house. Sorry. If you are a parent you will understand. And if not, that probably explains why you have such a hard on for cats. Just sayin’.”

After Faris’ former dog Pete was found in 2016, Kinder4Rescue planned to find a new home for the dog.