Why Are Ross Inia and Rhylee Gerber From ‘Below Deck’ Date Sparring on Twitter?

Rhylee Gerber Instagram

Deckhand Rhylee Gerber and bosun Ross Inia from Below Deck often get into altercations on the show. From arguing about work to their personal lives, the two seem to butt heads at every turn. While they try to see eye to eye and usually makeup, they continue to spar, even long after the show wrapped.

Following the second to the last episode of the show, Gerber teased Inia about dating a charter guest. She found an image on Inia’s public Instagram story and posted it in a Twitter thread. The thread was started by chief stew Kate Chastain where she shaded that same guest for behaving badly while on charter.

This is where it started

The Twitter feud heated up after the cast caught wind of comments Chastain was making during the broadcast. Chastain shaded the charter guest several times on Twitter dropping comments like, “Somewhere in Connecticut the most awkward viewing party ever is happening in ballroom c of a country club.” She also wrote, “no seriously… i REALLY feel bad for her husband.”

Chastain had good reason to shade the guest. The guest got way too drunk and insisted on passing out on the aft deck. When the guest swatted away her friends and lashed out at them, she was left to “sleep it off.” Chastain and second stew, Josiah Carter were told to stay up all night to make sure she was safe. Oh, hell no (get the hose).

Gerber hops on the Twitter train

When Gerber saw Chastain’s tweet about the guest’s viewing party, she added her two cents. “Ladies and gentleman…..the happy couple!!” Gerber wrote. She nabbed an image Inia uploaded to his Instagram story, which ultimately expired.

Inia responded swiftly to Gerber’s comment. “This was calculated. You took a snapshot of this photo 2 weeks ago and put it out there to take a dig into my personal life, I apologise for my rash response. Is it attention you’re seeking? If so keep my personal life out it.” He added, “This photo was on my storyline which expires…..catching feelings? Speculation!”

And the smackdown ensues

Gerber tweets in response to Inia’s comment. “It was laughable not calculated.” Then Gerber really went for it in her next tweet. “Actually, it was only 11 days ago that i screenshot ur PUBLIC Instagram post. Remember? When you invited her as your date 2 a SECOND Andy Cohen PR event where luckily, she behaved better than she did the 1st time she got banned from the wwhl clubhouse?”

She reiterates that the post was (again) laughable.  But when someone calls Gerber out for being vindictive she drops this comment. “Less vindictive and more so calling a spade a spade. Plus, it became my business when she tried to pull her little s**t stunts on me in nyc where Ross stood idly by, too meek to stand up to, well, anyone.”

Rumors fly

Fans latched onto the thread and speculated what the charter guest did to get banned from the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse. Not to mention whether Inia and the guest were a couple. “Yas! Spill the tea. What did Krystal do to get banned from the WWHL Clubhouse?” one person goaded.

Some Twitter followers assert the charter guest stole a cardboard cutout of host Andy Cohen, which got her banned from the clubhouse. Fans begged Gerber to spill the tea on what the charter guest did to her, but to no avail.

Also, speculation that Inia and the guest were dating flew too. One Twitter follower commented that Inia expressed interest in getting back together with his son’s mother. But another follower wrote, “I don’t think she’s his girlfriend at the moment, though still friendly as they coparent.” Inia retweeted and liked that comment. So is he dating the charter guest? Inia has yet to comment.

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