Why Are ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Posting Fake Pregnancy Announcements?

Sometimes it seems that not a day goes by without a bombshell announcement from one of the stars of MTV’s Teen Mom. The stars of the show have a lot going on.  Many of them have their own businesses, and almost all the stars have had two or three children. These ladies have a lot going on, so naturally there’s always news to share. 

All this drama leaves fans constantly waiting for the next big thing. Of course followers get excited when one of the Teen Mom stars posts a picture of an ultrasound, or a positive pregnancy test. 

However, there’s been a disturbing trend in fake pregnancy announcements from certain cast members. The girls don’t say they’re expecting in so many words, but they’ll post a picture that suggests a new baby is on the way. When fans click on a link in the ‘announcement,’ it will take them to another site.  

Kailyn Lowry posted a picture of a sonogram that wasn’t hers

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

This Teen Mom 2 star led people to believe she’s expecting in a recent Instagram post, and it’s not the first time. In the most recent instance, Kailyn posted a picture of a woman holding an ultrasound picture. The words on the pic said “She’s Pregnant!” which seems pretty straightforward. However, when fans swiped the screen to see the announcement, it brought them to an online article.  

The star also recently shared a picture of herself with the caption “It’s Twins!.” She later edited the caption and said it was a joke. 

Jenelle Evans stole one of the Duggar sister’s photos for a fake announcement

Given Jenelle Evans’ past behavior, fans shouldn’t be surprised she would steal an ultrasound photo, or that she would post a fake pregnancy announcement. In fact, for Evans, posting someone else’s ultrasound picture is tame compared to some of her other antics. 

What makes it more depraved, however, is that she stole the announcement from Joy-Anna Duggar, who suffered a miscarriage when she was five months pregnant. 

She could have used any old stock image, but Jenelle decided to take a picture from a grieving family. Fans were outraged, of course. However, some people speculate she’s being controversial on purpose to stay relevant now that she’s been fired from Teen Mom. 

Just like with Lowry, Evans is no newbie when it comes to fake announcements. She posted one back in June, right in the middle of her dramatic custody battle.  

 All these posts have been taken down or changed in some way. In the case of Joy-Anna’s pic, Evans changed it to a stock image of a pregnancy test.  She’s also been shutting down comments on a lot of her posts, including this one. 

That suggests she knows fans are going to be up in arms over her insensitivity. 

Why all the fake announcements?

All these fake posts leave fans wondering what these stars are thinking. It’s impossible to say for sure, since the stars won’t confirm why they’re posting these fake pregnancy announcements. However, it’s incredibly likely that the motives are financial.  

 The stars have a lot of followers, so sites may pay them to post links. The more clicks those links get, the more the girls get paid. By posting something scandalous, Evans and Lowry can generate more clicks. This would be especially attractive for Evans, who is without a paycheck since being fired from the show.

Teen Mom fans love some good drama, but this is getting a little much.  Hopefully the stars calm down with their fake pregnancy announcements, because fans are starting to get annoyed.

Plus, when one of the stars posts a real announcement, how will we know?