Why Betty White Only Gets 4 Hours of Sleep a Night

Betty White doesn’t sleep a lot. Here’s what the former star of The Golden Girls once said about why she prefers to wake up before her alarm clock goes off.

Betty White says some people need more than 8 hours of sleep a night

Betty White |  Vincent Sandoval/WireImage
Betty White | Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Although White says she only sleeps 4 hours, she joked there are some people who need at least 9 hours. During the Late Night with David Letterman show, White says, “Get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep—9 if you’re ugly.” She went on to give some other tips for a long and healthy life. She also recommends enjoying a drink now and then, eating steak, not dwelling on the past, and exercising.

Why Betty White only gets 4 hours of sleep a night

Since White is almost 100 years old, you would probably expect her to get a lot of sleep. However, White says she doesn’t sleep that much. She gets just 4 hours of sleep each night. Why does the former Golden Girls star sleep so little?

In her book, If You Ask Me, White says she gets up before her alarm clock because she’s so excited to go to work each day. She says she has a passion and enthusiasm for her work, and she can’t imagine living life differently.

Betty White doesn’t like this about the entertainment industry

Although White is excited about her job, there are some things she doesn’t like about the entertainment industry. She says she would prefer not to have to walk the red carpet. Many celebrities enjoy being in the spotlight, but White says she doesn’t care for the red-carpet walk.

White enjoys watching television awards shows to see what the stars are wearing and who is attending the event. However, she says it can be “an absolute nightmare” if you’re the one who has to walk the red carpet.

According to White, the red carpet isn’t as glamorous as it looks. She says when you step out of the limo, you’re “struck blind and deaf” as photographers and reporters start yelling at you. She says it’s quite overwhelming to have people crowding you and trying to get interviews. However, she tries to be nice because she knows everyone is just trying to do their jobs.

Turning down roles

White enjoys being an actor, but there are times when she has turned down roles. One successful movie White turned down was the 1997 film As Good as It Gets, which starred Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. She says she turned down the role because there was a scene in the movie where one of the characters throws a dog down a laundry chute.

White loves animals and she works for animal welfare causes. She says there was no way she could be in a movie with a scene like this. She was also afraid someone might try to imitate that scene from the movie.

White says she doesn’t have any regrets about the movies she has turned down. Rather, she says she feels good about the films she declined for the right reasons.

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