Why Caroline Manzo Left ‘RHONJ’

Caroline Manzo was viewed as the strong armored mama bear during her time on RHONJ. She was fiercely protective over her family and friends and had no trouble going up against anyone who she felt threatened such, including a rivalry with her former friend and co-star Teresa Giudice. After years on the show, Manzo quit, citing the negativity on the show as a result. 

'RHONJ' season 3 cast
‘RHONJ’ season 3 cast | Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Caroline Manzo says ‘RHONJ’ began negatively affecting her integrity

Manzo left RHONJ after five seasons on the show. She was an original cast member from the show’s inception and once had a close friendship with Giudice. But after her sister, Dina quit the show midway through season 2, and Teresa’s legal troubles began in season 3, the relationships amongst the cast began to fall apart.

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Manzo’s last three seasons documented the rollercoaster relationship between her and Giudice. She accused Giudice of lying about her federal bankruptcy case, selling stories about herself and the cast to the tabloids, and trying to ruin the reputation of Giudice’s own brother and sister-in-law.

In a recent interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Manzo says her decision to leave the show came because the show became too much of a burden.

“There wasn’t a final straw, the burden became too heavy in my personal life,” Manzo begins. “You can’t work with something that doesn’t reflect your beliefs. The show became something that just didn’t reflect my beliefs or who I was as a person. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame – it’s about your moral compass and how you live your life.”

Caroline Manzo had her own Bravo spinoff after leaving ‘RHONJ’

Manzo’s work with Bravo did not end upon her decision to leave RHONJ. She, along with her husband and three children, had their own spinoff Manzo’d with Children. Manzo was the first housewife from the New Jersey spinoff to have her own show.

The show lasted for three seasons, beginning in 2014 and concluding in 2017. Manzo says the experience filming her own show versus RHONJ was vastly different.

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“The experience was night and day, fun, laughs, the best memories I could have in our lives was during that show,” Manzo recalls fondly. 

Manzo’s favorite moments on the show were documenting her daughter’s wedding and a family trip to Italy. She considers her spinoff to be a great blessing and says that her time working with Bravo overall changed the trajectory of her family’s life.

What is Caroline Manzo doing now?

Manzo reverted back to her role as a traditional housewife after leaving the reality television world. Her family recently purchased a historic hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey where they handle the food and beverage sector. 

On a personal level, Manzo also got serious about her health, dropping 20 pounds and undergoing plastic surgery for a facelift. 

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Her love of cooking remains. Her Instagram account features images of her pastries and homemade Italian dishes.

What she’s most proud of however is her role as a family woman. Manzo marvels over her granddaughter Marchesa, her daughter Lauren’s toddler. She also gushes over her two sons Albie and Chris, both of whom work at their family business.