Why Chrissy Teigen Keeps it Real on Social Media When it Comes To Motherhood

Supermodel and Lip Sync Battle co-host Chrissy Teigen has a massive social media following, most likely due to her penchant for keeping it real. Sharing a plethora of posts on everything from politics to recipes, Teigen has also become a breath of fresh air to moms with her online truths involving motherhood. Now as a mom of two, Teigen sees a responsibility in showing authenticity when it comes to raising kids.

Chrissy Teigen | David Crotty/Getty Images

Imperfect posting

Teigen is very open about her daily routine and family – married to singer John Legend and mom to daughter Luna and son Miles – posting pics that are an honest representation of her life yet leaving out anything her kids may not be thrilled with later on. “There’s nothing that happens that we really feel we can’t post,” Teigen said, according to Net-A-Porter. “We don’t want to post pictures of the kids that they may see in ten years and be embarrassed by, but that’s it.”

Choosing to go with reality, Teigen makes a point of putting up photos from the home front rather than Hollywood life. “We’re not pretending that life is perfect,” she said. “I’m not the person who goes to work and posts the glam photos.” 

Life with two

The cookbook author relishes time with Luna, 3, and Miles, 1. Yet Teigen has been very candid on her struggles with motherhood, including a battle with postpartum depression after Luna was born. “I felt bad [about it] because we had so many resources,” she admitted. “John was great and helpful. My mom was here… I was embarrassed.”

Yet her openness brought her even more followers, with fans seeing Teigen inspiring and relatable. Now with millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter, the model places a priority on shunning any kind of facade when it comes to motherhood and getting used to a post-baby body.

“Every morning when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, how did it get here? My baby was, like, four pounds and I gained, like, 60 pounds, and that seems off!’” she said in January 2019, according to the Huffington Post. “But, you know, I think everyone’s body is just really different. That’s why, my posts of real mom s***… and real postpartum business? I think as important as it is for people to see me do that, it’s also really important for me.”

Now, Teigen focuses on the joy her children have brought and enjoying this new phase in her life. “It’s all about trying to be happy with myself. Because I’m not blind: I see my body, I see the difference in shape, I see that I gained weight,” she told Good Housekeeping in February. “But I also see with those same eyes that I have a beautiful baby boy, and this little girl that’s relentless and amazing, and I am very happy. This is a new thing that I can change within my mind, that I don’t have to be a swimsuit model anymore. I get to be a mommy, and I get to cook, and I get to meet incredible people, and I’m happy to be going through this transition.”

Up front about having help

Teigen has never claimed to pull off being put together on her own. She credits the support she gets from family and professionals that give her tons of support. “My mom lives with us. I have hair and makeup people. I’m not getting up and doing all this by myself,” she revealed to Yahoo! Style in 2017. “If I’m not being done for something, I’m not going anywhere. A lot of hands go into it. We have help. It’s important for people to know that.”

Giving a shout out to moms who don’t have the network that she is blessed with, Teigen is the first to admit that she is backed by a team in managing her home and career. “I have the utmost respect for mothers and single mothers who go to work and come home and make dinner,” she said. “I do all these things because I have help. Luna goes down at 6:30 and has a nurse watch her, and I can cook dinner.”

With honesty like that, it’s easy to see why Teigen is such a social media favorite!