‘The Talk’: Why Did Eve Leave The Daytime TV Show?

The Talk has had a diverse array of cohosts during its run as a chat show on CBS. The show has garnered some controversy as of late, leading to at least one host’s departure. One of the former hosts, Eve, left recently as well. Let’s take a closer look at why she left and if it had anything to do with some of the internal strife that’s made it to the air for the show in recent weeks.  

Eve has had a long and successful career

Eve | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

According to Biography.com, Eve is a rapper who had her first number one hit album in 1999, when she was barely older than a teenager. She could add “Grammy winner” to her list of accomplishments by 2002, at which time she’d already released two more highly successful albums.

In recent years, her musical endeavors have taken a back seat to her other projects, like appearing on The Talk. She does have acting experience, as she appeared in both of the Barbershop movies. 

In 2014, Eve married an Englishman named Maximillian Cooper, a multimillionaire who founded the celebrity race called the Gumball 3000. The pair live together in London. As noted above, Eve’s best known these days for appearing on The Talk, a show she’s now decided to leave. But what is that show all about, and what is the format? 

‘The Talk’ has a simple but effective format

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Much like its daytime counterpart, The View, The Talk typically features several high-profile, well-accomplished women from the world of entertainment and broadcasting talking about the events of the day. Debates can sometimes get heated, but they’re always compelling. According to IMDb, the show launched in 2010.

Below are just a few women who have cohosted the show during its decade-plus on the air: 

The last two entries on that list have caused quite a stir over an on-air disagreement of theirs. Osbourne ended up leaving the show after getting upset over the public’s reaction to comments made about Meghan Markle by her friend, British presenter Piers Morgan. 

Any time you have people debating on air, you’re bound to have disagreements. If there weren’t, it wouldn’t make for great TV. So why did Eve leave the show? Did she run into a problem with any of her cohosts? The answer is a lot less complex than you might think. 

The non-controversial reason Eve left ‘The Talk’

There have been plenty of sparks flying on the set of The Talk in recent weeks, and certainly, one host left under less than ideal circumstances. But Eve would not be one of those hosts.

According to US Magazine, Eve left the program in December of 2020. In her final episode, she showered her cohosts with love and appreciation, clearly showing no hard feelings at her departure: 

“I truly, genuinely, for real love you….I have been so lucky and so grateful to be a part of this show. I’ve learned from each of you ladies.”

Eve had previously announced her exit in November of that same year. She had been filming the show remotely from her home in London. Eve’s reason for leaving? Planning to spend more time focusing on her husband. She added that she wanted to dedicate time and effort to “expanding our family, being with my family.”

Not every former host of The Talk had the same experience as Eve and would likely say so, but it’s clear she left on good terms.