Why Did Tom Schwartz From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ End up in the ER When He Visited the ‘Summer House?’

The Summer House crew is known for some pretty excessive partying. So it wouldn’t be shocking if one if the house members ended up having to go to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning or from an alcohol-fueled injury.

Not only could Summer House cast members be at risk for injury, but their hard-partying guests could also fall victim too. Two couples from Vanderpump Rules visited the Summer House, which was shown in two episodes.

Tom Schwartz |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Stassi Schroeder ended up comforting a drunken Kyle Cooke as he was plagued with the notion Amanda Batula’s father may not grant him permission to marry his daughter. Plus the Summer House group kept the booze flowing while entertaining their Vanderpump Rules friends. But it was Tom Schwartz who ended up in the hospital. And it wasn’t because he was drinking too much.

He kept (quietly) complaining about this the entire episode

Although Schwartz seemed to be having a great time he would quietly mention to wife Katie Maloney (and others at times) that he was having some trouble in his rear view. “My butt hurts,” he would often quietly say.

Schwartz seemed to be in good spirits though, which was nice especially when he was chatting with Cooke about marriage. The friends shared a moment in the kitchen over a Jell-O shot machine. Schwartz told Cooke that he enjoyed wearing his wedding ring and let Cooke try it on.

When Cooke told him about his infidelity, Schwartz also brought Cooke comfort. He shared that some of his drunkenness led him to make some bad choices with random women as well. But that he and Maloney were stronger than ever.

‘But’ this kept bothering him

Schwartz mentions the trip to the Hamptons came soon after the Vanderpump Rules group arrived home from their trip to Mexico. Apparently, poor Schwartzy came down with Montezuma’s Revenge while on the getaway. Montezuma’s Revenge, otherwise known as traveler’s diarrhea, occurs after consuming infected food or water.

Coming down with traveler’s diarrhea can commonly occur while visiting Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia. One of the most common culprits is E. coli.

Symptoms include a sudden onset of diarrhea, nausea, gas, fever, and chills. The main way to treat the illness is to replace lost fluids. Plus the sufferer can use an antidiarrheal to reduce the severity.

Why did Schwartz need medical attention?

Although Schwartz seemed to be hanging tough, he eventually told Maloney he probably needed medical care. He admitted he was seeing blood so he became alarmed.

When the Summer House friends told Schroeder that Schwartz went to the hospital, she seemed concerned, saying it would take a lot to get Schwartz to do something like that. “The fact that he’s going to the hospital is kind of a huge deal,” Schroeder said.

Schwartz chatted with his friends from the hospital via FaceTime. He said he was going to receive a CD scan as the doctors wanted to find out why he was bleeding. Thankfully the physicians discovered the source of the blood. When Schwartz returns to the house he says he has a fissure. A fissure is a small tear in the anus. The tear likely occurred after Schwartz was hit hard with traveler’s diarrhea. Treatment means the patient generally has to increase fluid intake and soak the area for 10 to 20 minutes. The fissure should heal in a matter of a few weeks.