Why Didn’t Chris Hemsworth Wear Thor’s Classic Winged Helmet More Often?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may still be ongoing, but no matter where it goes from here, comic book fans have been delighted with the results so far.

From 2008-2019, Marvel did the unthinkable: created an interconnected cinematic universe weaving storylines across multiple franchises. Nothing like it has ever been accomplished on film before. 

One of the most impressive aspects of the MCU is how close they’ve stayed to the characters as they are portrayed in the comics. That said, there’s one character with a signature element that isn’t present very often in the films. 

So why doesn’t Chris Hemsworth wear Thor’s classic winged helmet more often? 

(Warning: this article contains spoilers about some of the MCU films). 

Chris Hemsworth’s performance as Thor

Chris Hemsworth speaks onstage
Chris Hemsworth | Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

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Thor is an original member of the Avengers in Marvel Comics, so his role in the MCU was always going to be prominent. Hemsworth was cast prior to the 2011 release of the first Thor movie. It was quite a gamble — Hemsworth was known for little outside his “blink and you’ll miss it” turn as Captain Kirk’s father in the 2009 Star Trek reboot. 

The casting decision turned out to be a home run, however. Hemsworth has portrayed Thor in seven times – in three Thor movies and four Avengers movies. He’s also scheduled to be in the yet to be released Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment in that series. Hemsworth’s performance is pitch-perfect. He blends the Shakespearean element of Thor’s delivery with the modern sensibilities of the other Avengers. 

Now that the MCU is moving into its Phase 4, it has said goodbye to some of its original members. Tony Stark perished heroically at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame while Steve Rogers opted to return to the 1940s for a life with Peggy Carter. Thor remained standing at the end of Avengers: Endgame, and he’ll return for more films. 

The significance of Thor’s winged helmet 

As a Norse God turned superhero, Thor definitely has a unique look and feel as a character. Part of that unique look is his blonde hair as well as the hammer he wields. Another part of that is the winged helmet he frequently sports in the comics.

According to Screen Rant, it’s part of his “classic look.” In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find him not wearing it in the pages of the comics. It’s become a big part of his wardrobe. 

In the films? Not so much. We’ve rarely seen Thor wearing the helmet that’s become his trademark in the comics. So why is that? 

Why Thor doesn’t wear his helmet in the MCU

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MCU fans on Reddit speculated about the reason for Thor’s helmet making infrequent appearances. Outside of a few shots of him in the helmet, he’s mostly remained out of it. How could the filmmakers neglect one of his most iconic accessories? 

While no one from Marvel has answered this question one way or another, the answer probably lies with the marketing department. A helmet partially obstructs the head and face of Hemsworth, one of the series stars. Movies are designed to showcase their stars in the best light possible. Without a helmet, fans can get a better look at the actor playing Thor. 

To give this theory more credibility, take a look at some of the other MCU heroes and how they’re portrayed on screen.

Captain America wears a mask in the comics, yet Chris Evans’ take on the character sees him out of his mask quite often. Iron Man is well known for his iron suit that covers his face, yet we’ve seen Robert Downey, Jr. frequently out of his mask.