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The View is a popular talk show featuring women who don’t see eye to eye when it comes to politics. It keeps the show well-rounded while catering to audiences with many different views (hence the name). But one of the co-hosts always seems to come under fire for the way she handles things: Meghan McCain. Why doesn’t anyone seem to have a good thing to say about her?

The View hosts
Meghan McCain, right, with ‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin and guest host Ana Navarro | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images

Meghan McCain is in the political minority on the show

The View is probably one of the most well-balanced talk shows on television these days. It tries to get opinions from both sides of the political spectrum; most shows swing one way or the other. The show has five hosts — three are liberal while two are conservative. Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain are the two conservative women on the show, and though Huntsman often shares similar opinions with McCain, McCain is typically the one in the spotlight. She tends to speak more often than Huntsman, and her placement at the end of the table could be another reason why people seem to remember her more.

Viewers often question the way she approaches arguments

McCain has a past of getting into heated debates on the show because she doesn’t agree with the majority of the cast members. While it would be a stretch to say that McCain has an anger problem, she does get a bit more hot-headed than Huntsman, and with differing opinions from co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, she’s often the one that people look at as the outlier on the show. She challenges the others’ opinions, despite what it may do to her own reputation, to stand up for what she believes in — and viewers don’t like it.

McCain and Behar often battle it out

If there are any two hosts who make The View worth watching, it’s McCain and Behar — and for good reason. These two women often get into heated debates about political topics because they almost never see eye to eye. Behar has been a co-host for years, while McCain is still relatively new to the show in comparison, but the two of them together have sparked a lot of viewers to talk more about the show. In a recent episode, McCain fired back at Behar for opinions about immigration, which is a very hot topic around the United States right now. The two women disagreed, and things heated up before Goldberg stepped in to slow everything down. Goldberg tends to be the mediator of the show.

Some suggest McCain is only well known because of her father — people often give her a hard time about it

People seem to give McCain a hard time because they think she only rides on the legacy of her father. “Meghan’s claim to fame is her father’s legacy — not anything she does/did,” Symone Sanders, a CNN contributor, wrote on Twitter. People accuse McCain of not having any political credibility herself. Whether things would be easier for McCain if she was more liberal is hard to tell, but she is very anti-Trump, and it still doesn’t seem to get many people on her side.

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