Why Do Some People Think Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are soon due with their first child, and the world has been on edge since they announced the pregnancy. While most of the world has been focused on this special royal baby, there have been numerous headlines suggesting that it will not be the only royal baby this year.

In fact, a good number of people believe that Prince Harry’s older brother, Prince William, will become a father yet again this year. But why do some people think Kate Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child? Is she, or is it all rumor? Here’s what you need to know.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | JEFF J MITCHELL/AFP/Getty Images

People have royal baby fever

The rumors about Kate Middleton expecting baby number four began shortly after Meghan Markle’s pregnancy was announced. The truth is that the rumors most likely began simply because people have gotten royal baby fever. 

The public holding onto a false belief simply because they wish it true is not all that uncommon. A great example is the way so many people (and for so long) have constantly latched onto rumors that Jennifer Aniston was pregnant – even despite her publicly stating several times she was not. 

Kate Middleton made a comment about a baby

The latest favorite in the pregnancy rumors revolves around something Kate Middleton said while on tour in Northern Ireland with her husband. Always personable, Middleton and Prince William were meeting with the crowd when a small baby caught the Duchess’ eye. She commented that the little boy seemed very sweet, and asked how old he was. After the father responded, Kate said “He’s so diddy it makes me very broody.”

Broody is a British word for a woman wanting more children. Fans everywhere latched onto this simple statement as proof that Middleton was either pregnant, or soon would be trying – despite Prince Louis being less than a year old.

But people are making way too much of this statement. The truth here is that the royal family are trained to engage with the public and make conversation. Kate Middleton was quite obviously doing just that by telling a father how sweet his child was – which would mean a lot coming from a royal mother of three!

There has been no official announcement

A big indicator there is not a fourth child being expected for Kate Middleton and Prince William is that there has not been an official announcement. While there are many rules about pregnant royals (such as not ever revealing the gender before birth), they do typically make an official announcement at some point.

If Kate Middleton had been noticeably pregnant for as long as the rumors have been persisting, she’d not only be showing but it is almost certain that an official announcement would have been made. 

Kate Middleton does not appear pregnant 

As mentioned above, Kate Middleton would be quite advanced in her pregnancy even if she’d only just found out herself when the rumors began. This means she should be showing, especially since women who’ve already given birth tend to show a bit sooner than first-time mothers.

Quite recently Middleton has been seen without any heavy jackets or other clothing that could potentially hide a baby bump. She looks as thin and in shape as she ever has, and certainly does not appear to be pregnant. 

Body language expert says no

A body language expert was recently consulted on whether Kate Middleton was expecting. The results? All of the subtle changes in Middleton’s behavior that the body language expert says may have sparked the rumors can really just be boiled down to Prince Louis. The body language expert stated that the mother was “besotted-seeming” with her son.