Why Do the Kardashians Refuse to Show Their Real Hair? Fans Are Dying to Know

The Kardashians have gone through some notable hair changes over the years. Since they are constantly in the public eye, even minor changes haven’t gone unnoticed.

Not all celebrities cause a social media firestorm when they get extensions, but some celeb styles make more of a splash than others. Somehow when the Kardashians get new hairstyles, they end up drawing a lot of criticism.

Fans think that might be because they’re always hiding their real hair. 

Fans want to know why the Kardashian sisters hate their hair

Kylie Jenner on the red carpet
Kylie Jenner | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

In a recent Reddit thread, fans posted the questions they would ask the Kardashians if they had the chance. A lot of fans had the same ideas. One fan’s question was on an interesting topic that was different from the others.  The fan asked “Why can’t you just be happy with your real hair? Why all the wigs and extensions?”

It’s true that Kim especially changes her hair often. She’s made some major waves in the past with her long, long extensions. She’s also worn wigs that had fans crying foul. She has been accused of “blackfishing,” or making herself look darker, in the past.

Some of that look involved a wig that fans said was reminiscent of Diahann Carroll, a black actress. In Kim’s defense, she claimed she was trying to channel the white actress Elizabeth Taylor. 

Even though Kim has had some controversial hairstyles in the past, her sisters Khloe and Kourtney have rocked the same styles for a long time. Kourtney has a natural hairstyle, and Khloe used to be the same way. Recently, Khloe went blonde.

It was one change, however, so she can’t be accused of switching it up all the time. It could be that the fan in question was referring to Kim’s hair, since she’s the one who seems to switch it up most often. 

What about the Kardashian sisters is real? 

While none of the other fans thought of asking the KarJen sisters about their hair, many did have questions about their “real” bodies. The Kardashians are notorious for not owning up to their plastic surgeries, or suspected plastic surgeries. Many fans are dying to know the truth.

The top comment on the thread was about plastic surgery, as were many of the other answers to the post. Fans are adamant about their theories that the Kardashians have had work done. The Kardashians are equally adamant that they have never gone under the knife.

They’ve owned up to minor stuff like injections and other fillers, but not to the big procedures fans suspect them of having. Kim has gone pretty far to disprove the plastic surgery rumors. She even revealed an x-ray of her butt to prove she didn’t have implants. 

Who is Khloé Kardashian’s real father?

One of the other more common questions on the thread was directed at Kris Jenner. Fans want to know who Khloe Kardashian’s real father is. 

Kris and the rest of the family have always maintained that Robert Kardashian Sr. is the father of Kris’ first four children. Fans have no trouble buying that Kourtney, Kim, and Robert Jr. are all Robert Sr.’s biological kids.

However, there has always been a fan theory that Khloe has a different father. Apparently it is a burning question for many fans. 

The reasoning behind the idea mostly comes from Khloe’s look. Khloe does look different from her sisters, but not so different that she couldn’t be Robert’s daughter. Although she doesn’t look a lot like her late dad, she does bear a resemblance.

Genetics can be tricky, and sometimes kids don’t look a lot like their parents. Still, there are some fans that are sure Khloe is not a biological Kardashian.