Why ‘Doctor Who’ Fans Don’t Want Neil Patrick Harris Joining for the 60th Anniversary

Doctor Who has been around for quite a while and has garnered an impressive audience. As such, some fans feel protective of the series.

While the show has received praise for most of its casting, a recent one may see the British show facing some serious backlash with How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris at the center of it all. Doctor Who fans don’t want Harris to join the show’s 60th anniversary.

Neil Patrick joins ‘Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary in an undisclosed role

'Doctor Who' David Tennant and Neil Patrick Harris during filming in Bristol
David Tennant (C) and Neil Patrick Harris (L) film Doctor Who in Bristol | Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images

Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary promises fans loads of surprises. On May 8, 2022, the British show announced that Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa would join the cast in a lead capacity on a full-time basis. Gatwa’s casting as Doctor Who makes for a very historic move by the show.

Doctor Who former showrunner Russell T. Davies also recently revealed that Doggie Howser, M.D. star Harris would be joining the fray. “It’s my huge honor to open our studios for the mighty Neil Patrick Harris…but who, why, what is he playing? You’ll just have to wait. But I promise you, the stuff we’re shooting now is off the scale. Doctor beware!,” the showrunner wrote in a mysterious statement accompanied by Harris wearing makeup,

It’s still unclear which role Harris will be taking on in Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary. However, Decider theorizes the actor will be playing a villain as Davies’ last line, “Beware,” alludes to his character being a menace to the Doctor.

It’s also unknown if Harris will be playing the character alongside David Tennant’s returning role as Doctor or if he will appear alongside Gatwa. Doctor Who marks the second time Harris and Davies have partnered to create onscreen magic. The two stars worked on the 2021 miniseries titled It’s a Sin.

Filming for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special is underway, and while an official date hasn’t been announced, it’s speculated that it will air sometime in 2023.

Fans don’t want Patrick Neil Harris to join ‘Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary

Amy Winehouse was a musician known for her powerful vocals and distinct style. Her substance abuse issues, however, culminated in 2011, when she died from alcohol poisoning. Although Winehouse’s fans and other entertainers came out to mourn the singer, some didn’t feel much sympathy for her, and Harris was one of them.

Three months after her passing, Harris and his husband David Burtka hosted a party at their place. While there’s nothing unusual about that, the main dish at the venue is tough to stomach.

Harris served a meat platter comprising beef ribs, chicken sausage, and pulled pork in a spicy BBQ sauce. The inspiration? Winehouse’s rotting corpse. Harris and his husband never addressed the criticism but apologized years later for the disrespectful platter, although the damage was already done.

Years later, fans are using the scandal to air their opinion against Harris joining their favorite franchise. A user retweeted the announcement, writing, “Neil Patrick Harris had a party platter of various meats made to look like Amy Winehouse’s corpse.” They added, “I’m so brutally disappointed in this decision.” Others questioned Harris’s decision at the time, but others reasoned that enough time had passed for the issue to be brought up.

Neil Patrick Harris’s controversies

Harris is a brilliant actor and comedian. However, he has had his fair share of controversial moments throughout his career. BuzzFeed compiled the times Harris has been untoward in his behavior.

According to the publication, the actor stopped speaking to The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik because she didn’t give him a standing ovation in 1997. He also used an anti-trans slut in 2011 twice on live TV and got upset when Patti Lupone didn’t praise him after he missed his lines when performing Company

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