Why Does Beyoncé Love the Number 4 So Much?

Beyoncé is famous around the world for her exceptional vocal abilities. She has won countless awards and her concerts usually sell out in just a matter of minutes. She and her husband, Jay-Z are known as one of music’s most powerful and inspirational couples. While they both like to live a pretty private life, there is one thing that neither one is shy about talking about: their love for the number four.

Many people have speculated about what it is about this number that Beyoncé finds so special. Is it her lucky number? Is it her favorite number? Here are some very interesting facts to help you understand just what kind of connection the Halo singer has with this specific number.

This number is special to both her and her husband

For Bey and Jay, it seems like a lot of special things have happened whenever the number four was involved. Both of their birthdays are on the fourth (Beyoncé’s is on September 4, and Jay- Z’s is on December 4). They also were married on April 4, which is the fourth day of the fourth month.

Recently, Jay-Z had announced that he and Beyoncé would be going on a vegan diet on his 44th birthday. The new diet lasted for 22 days, and as People had reported, Jay-Z had thought that going on the diet at that time seemed to make cosmic sense due to his age and the fact the number “22” has 2 twos in it (2+2=4).

There seem to be many other ways in which the couple has tried to incorporate the number four into their lives. They both have a tattoo of the Roman numeral IV (four) on their ring fingers.

Speaking of Roman numerals, it is also believed their oldest daughter, Blue Ivy is named after the number four. Bey and Jay are rumored to have picked the middle name “Ivy” as a special way to recognize the roman numerals I and V – when you put those two symbols together, it makes the number four.

The pair have also included the number into their music. Beyoncé named her fourth solo album simply, 4. Jay Z has also incorporated the number into one of his album titles. His 13th album was named after the song 4:44 which he credits as being one of the best songs on the album and one that he wrote when he woke up at 4:44 in the morning.

The number four brings her good luck

The number four does not seem to be a number that is only tied to Beyoncé and Jay-Z as a couple. The number has brought some good luck to the 37-year-old singer all by herself as well.

On April 4, (4/4) of this year, the iconic singer announced that she would be expanding on her already successful clothing line, Ivy Park, and will become a creative partner for Adidas. The collaboration is expected to be extremely profitable for both Beyoncé and the Adidas brandIn reference to the new partnership, one of the executives that work for Adidas had said: “Beyoncé is an iconic creator but also a proven business leader, and together, we have the ability to inspire, change, and empower the next generations of creators.”

Also, when Beyoncé was on tour for her fourth album, she had four consecutive concert dates in New York, the first date had quickly sold out in just 22 seconds. If we were to go off of Jay Z’s logic, which states that 22 is still an important number because 2+2=4, then the number four had definitely brought her some good luck on that day.

Why does Beyoncé love the number four so much?

We are not sure why this number seems to bring the Queen Bee so much good fortune. However, there is no denying that whenever she is associated with the number four, good things seem to happen to her.