Why Does Pete Davidson Really Hate Louis C.K.?

Pete Davidson’s Netflix Special, Alive, drops on Feb. 25. Ahead of the monumental release, Davidson sat down with Charlamagne tha God to discuss everything from his work on SNL, to his chaotic love life, to his stints in rehab and, believe it or not, Louis C.K., a now-disgraced comedian. While Davidson was incredibly candid during the duration of his interview with Charlamagne, he was never more honest than when he was talking about Louis C.K., and it’s evident that Davidson really, really hates that guy. The reason for his disdain is pretty complicated, though.

Pete Davidson insists that Louis C.K. tried to get him fired from Saturday Night Live

Louis C.K. and Davidson had a run-in on the set of Saturday Night Live that seemingly set a feud in motion. Davidson claims that the disgraced funnyman told producers that Davidson’s marijuana usage was so intense that he was going to smoke his entire career away. He reportedly took it a step further by telling Lorne Micheals, the famed executive producer of the show, that Davidson’s drug use was making everyone uncomfortable. Davidson claims that Louis C.K. was essentially lobbying to get him fired.

If there is an actual feud, the only one talking about it is Davidson. Louis C.K. hasn’t spoken about the alleged events yet, and it doesn’t look like he plans to address it. In fact, Louis C.K. has been surprisingly quiet about a lot lately. While he’s attempting to revive his career, he’s not speaking publicly much. Davidson, however, seems more than happy to do all the talking.

Davidson suggests that Louis C.K. is just not a nice guy

Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by several comedians during the height of the #metoo movement. According to reports, he was known in comedy circles for exposing himself and forcing lesser-known comedians to watch him masturbate. In some instances, he removed his genitals from his pants without warning, in other incidents, he is accused of using his power to coerce comedians into watching him. The accounts, which came to light in 2017, occurred during the mid-1990s into the early 2000s, according to Vox. In the wake of the scandal, several production houses cut ties with Louis C.K., and both HBO and Netflix pulled the comedian’s catalog from their platforms.

The shock comic was, in many ways, canceled. Davidson insists that the treatment that Louis C.K. received during the scandal is proof that he really isn’t a good guy. Davidson admits that he’s salty over the SNL incident, but insists there is more to it than that. He claims that Louis C.K. is just not a nice guy and the comedy world knows it. He told Charlamagne the God that no one in the comedy circle railed around the comedian, and that’s because everyone knows he’s just not a good person. Louis C.K. has not commented on Davidson’s allegations.

Louis C.K. is experiencing something of a comeback lately

After the 2017 New York Times story outed him as a sexual predator, Louis C.K. all but disappeared from the comedy world. At the very least, no well-known outfit wanted to work with him. He did drop in sets here and there in New York, but his audiences were small and his work was hardly groundbreaking. Apparently, though, he spent those two years honing his craft.

USA Today notes that Louis C.K. finally took to the stage in Pheonix to produce a full set of work. It was the first in more than two years. For 80-minutes, he made fans laugh, and only briefly discussed the movement that brought his career to its knees. Precisely what he had to say about it will never be known. Audience members were barred from discussing it. While the Arizona shows are a start for Louis C.K., the comedy world isn’t really feeling particularly forgiving. While Davidson’s star is on the rise, Louis C.K.’s appears to be on a steep decline, and Davidson could not be happier about it.