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Elton John considers himself a survivor, and that’s certainly true. As the biopic Rocketman depicted, John has had a hard life. He has also remained a successful singer through it all, somehow. He is also a philanthropist, the founder of an AIDS foundation, a husband, a father, how does he do it all?

Well, we’re not claiming to know entirely. The only one who truly knows is Elton John himself. Yet there may be some reasons why he has remained a well-known and respected singer. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why is Elton John’s music so successful?

Elton John and David Furnish at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Midsummer Party
Sir Elton John and David Furnish at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Midsummer Party | Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

As is mentioned before, the only one who truly knows is Elton John himself. Yet there are some educated guesses we can make. One reason might be that the songs themselves are timeless. Therefore they don’t belong solely to one era, but can be enjoyed at any time.

Another reason that the songs might be so successful is that they can be enjoyed by all ages. They’re not so old-fashioned that younger fans wouldn’t enjoy them yet they’re classics that older fans can also enjoy. Another possibility as to why the songs are so successful lies in the beautiful lyrics, written by Bernie Taupin. Such amazing lyrics are a rare find, and help the songs to stand out and remain successful, even decades after their release dates.

How does he do it all?

It isn’t possible to do it all, which is probably one of the reasons that Elton John is retiring from touring. There’s only so much any person, even a musical legend like John, can do. Yet he managed to play so many roles for such a long time. What is the secret to his success?

It probably lies in his view of himself as a survivor. Survivors are determined and never give up, no matter how hard things may get. John certainly hasn’t given up at any point in his career. He hasn’t given up after 29 years of sobriety.

How is Elton John an inspiration?

Elton John is an inspiration partly because he is such a survivor. Though perhaps his surviving nature wasn’t always known to fans, it probably came through in his beautiful and enduring music. In fact, part of the reason his music is likely so timeless is because most likely he didn’t create it for a specific time. He created it to be enjoyed forever.

And, most likely it will be. Hopefully people will always appreciate such splendid music. Elton John is also an inspiration because he’s such a genuinely kind, caring person. Like everyone, he isn’t perfect.

Yet fans can tell he has a big heart, since he shows it through his philanthropy, through his AIDS foundation, and no doubt he shows it in his everyday life with his husband and children. Elton John will continue to be successful, not only because he is a talented singer and musician, but because he is a genuinely fascinating and wonderful person.