Why Everyone Forgets About the Third Hemsworth Brother

Luke Hemsworth is the one who started the acting trend. He is the oldest of a trio of siblings who have all decided to take Hollywood by storm. Despite being the one in Tinseltown the longest, the eldest Hemsworth brother is also the least popular. His Instagram shows he’s definitely living his life to the fullest, which is great! But it doesn’t answer the big question, why is the attractive actor coming up short compared to his younger siblings?

Luke Hemsworth isn’t dating a major celebrity

Liam, Luke, and Chris Hemsworth at a movie premiere
Liam, Luke, and Chris Hemsworth at a movie premiere | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Everyone knows that celebrity gossip is a cornerstone in Hollywood. One of the things fans like dishing about the most is Hollywood romances and of course Hollywood divorces. 

Luke’s younger brother Liam is currently involved with the extremely popular Miley Cyrus. The controversial star got her start on TV before moving to music to put her spin on the industry. Now she’s a Hollywood starlet with the youngest Hemsworth brother on her arm. Fans love EVERYTHING about the pair and the two come up in headlines all the time because of it.

Just the other day Liam had to bow out of the premiere for his newest flickIsn’t it Romantic. Guess who showed up in his stead? His loving wife, Cyrus. Of course, entertainment outlets went crazy and just like that the pair is all over the internet. The fact that the two met on one of Liam’s earliest roles, The Last Song, adds a magical aspect to their fairytale story.

Middle brother Chris Hemsworth has also tied the knot with an actress, the beautiful Spanish model/actress Elsa Pataky. They wed back in 2010 when Chris was a lesser known blip on the radar, after his rise to fame their relationship began to take center stage. Luke, on the other hand, is married to Samantha Hemsworth. While she is a fantastic individual, she’s just a lovely woman from their home country, Australia. 

Luke Hemsworth tackles smaller roles

Chris is best known for tackling Thor in several of the Marvel films. He was first cast as the popular character back in 2011 and his reprised the role in several wildly successful movies. He’s also the man behind Star Trek and Star Trek Into The Darkness’ George Kirk. Both franchises have an amazing following, so Chris’s success makes perfect sense.

Liam, the youngest, was lucky enough to be cast in The Hunger Games back in 2012 as the adorable Gale Hawthorne. He reprised the role three more times. The franchise, while not as old as Star Trek and Marvel also had a considerable following. 

On the other hand, Luke hasn’t been cast in any big name franchises. The most significant part he’s taken on is in the popular TV series, Westworld which debuted in 2016 and is ongoingIn the sci-fi western, Luke plays Ashly Stubbs, a beloved main character worthy of its own mini following. 

Considering his ‘big break’ didn’t occur until 13 years after his debut, the eldest Hemsworth really has been taking his time when it comes to his career. There is no doubt that he is incredibly talented, perhaps he just enjoys the nature of smaller roles. Or maybe he just hasn’t been cast in a role that makes him shine.

Whatever the reason, people constantly forget about Luke even though he may very well be the reason that younger brothers, Chris and Liam, got into the acting industry! In fact, both brothers had their debuts on shows that he was already a part of! Luke does have two movies coming out this year, Crypto and The Death of Me, hopefully they will help shine a light on the underrated Hemsworth brother!