Why Fans Are Dragging Tana Mongeau and Calling Her a ‘Spoiled Brat’

Tana Mongeau first became internet famous in 2017 for a few controversial videos, and then for her romantic relationships with Bella Thorne and Jake Paul. Since then, she’s continued to produce popular content for YouTube and other platforms.

In spite of her angering fans with TanaCon and attracting negative attention for a fake wedding, Mongeau’s built up a huge following on social media, boasting more than 5 million followers each on YouTube and Instagram.

That’s what helped her land a reality show on MTV – which premiered last summer – and pushes her to keep making music. But her latest antics on the show are making fans call her out.

Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau | TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

What’s going on with ‘MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau’

In 2019, MTV followed Mongeau as she celebrated her birthday for Tana Turns 21, raking in more than 25 million views online. That success led to the second installment of the network’s reality series, which premiered on YouTube on Feb. 24.

It follows her, her friends, and her manager Jordan Worona, who seems to have picked up a fan following of his own. The latest episode of season two hit the web on Monday and it features Mongeau with a severe health issue.

She’s had a cough for a year, and Worona decided to make a doctor’s appointment for her. Apparently, she’s even coughed up blood.

Mongeau’s medical visit is what set viewers off

On the way to the doctor, Mongeau “jokes” about smoking after her appointment, and in the confessional, Worona questions the wisdom of that considering her health.

She explains she has PTSD from her childhood since her parents would get angry if they had to take her to the doctor because it was expensive. She doesn’t like doctor’s offices because there’s no escape.

Once they arrive, she complains about the blood pressure cuff, and rips it off as she tells the nurse its hurts and gives her anxiety. A chest x-ray and breathing test upsets her. Upon a return visit, Mongeau learns she has a short-term form of asthma.

After the doctor breaks down her condition and his recommendation for a temporary inhaler, Mongeau dismissively says, “Ok, can we just get going?” and is in a rush to leave.

Worona has more questions for the doctor, but Mongeau starts speaking over both of them, even when the doc says to stop smoking.

She rolls her eyes and after the doctor hands the medicine to her, she throws it to Worona and hops off the table, “Ok, awesome, let’s get going,” and looks unhappy.  

Fans blast Mongeau for her behavior

Noting she wants to sing and be an entertainer, fans are calling Mongeau out for how she acted. Some plan to unfollow her.

The YouTube thread for episode 4 is filled with comments like “The way Tana is acting is so annoying. Stop be a spoiled brat and get better,” “So rude,” “She is literally toxic,” and “The disrespect portrayed in this episode was embarrassing to watch.”

Many felt empathy for her friend/manager Jordan, who seems to genuinely care for her well-being. There was a common complaint among fans that she was acting rude and ungrateful to him and the medical staff when she relies on her voice to perform.

The criticism is also hitting her Instagram account where people are calling her “cringey” for her treatment of the doctor.

Others wanted to know why she had an issue and PTSD with doctor’s offices but loves to show off her plastic surgery. Fans also believe Tana is not taking her health seriously and instead of dissing the doctor’s advice to stop smoking, should follow it.