Why Fans Aren’t Holding Back on Aaron Carter After He Calls Himself a ‘Threat’

Aaron Carter recently posted a recording of another video in a post, but it’s his caption that really has people talking. Read on to learn why Carter calls himself a “threat.”

Aaron Carter calls himself a ‘threat’

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

In the upload to his Instagram, Carter is recording another video he’s apparently watching at the time. He captioned the post with: “The Infamous World Of Social Media While most people are prisoners to the opinions of fallacies I will not succumb to made up narratives of myself outside of the norm. Xo Internet moderators trying to destroy me because I’m a threat to them and exposing how our industry TRULY is now. FAKE.”

Fans react to this latest upload on Carter’s Instagram

Fans had a lot of reactions to this latest post. They wanted to let Carter know how they feel about the situation and they didn’t hold back. “Stop begging for money on YT and get a job. #NickCartersLittleBrother,” an Instagram user commented.

A lot of people think Carter should ditch the social media, or at least cut back on it. “Just get off social media,” another user said. “You’re a prisoner to SM and it’s obvious. Deactivate accounts*poof* problem solved.”

Another user called Carter “rude” and said he was taking “advantage of people.” “How do you expect people to have respect for you who when you are so rude and take advantage of people! What comes around goes around,” someone wrote.

One user wanted Carter to know that he isn’t respected and he should just “leave.” “Nobody respects you anymore. Honestly just leave dude,” they wrote.

Others think if Carter really feels that way, he should just get off social media or get a personal account with only a few people. “You know you can just not use social media right?! Or make a private personal account,” the user suggested.

Still another Instagram user had some advice for Carter to put down his phone and get to recording. “My guy, the only person you’re a threat to is yourself,” an Instagram user said. “Put down your phone and go make another banger like Fool’s Gold.”

Aaron Carter posted an image with his girlfriend and fans have questions

Carter’s followers are always quick to comment on his posts, and a recent one has a lot of people talking. He posted an image of himself shirtless next to his girlfriend, Melanie Martin. “Only for our fans…… #onlyfans coming soon ……..,” Carter captioned the post.

This upload has people asking a lot of questions about what Carter means by his hashtag specifically. OnlyFans is a social media service that people are known to use to make money. People subscribe to profiles for a fee. These profiles can feature a number of things, as you can probably imagine. Just do a quick Google search for it and you’ll see what we mean.

Fans wanted to know if he was indeed serious about the account and some even asked for him to drop the link in the comments.