Why Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Chelsea Handler’s Unique Shoutout to Kim Kardashian

Chelsea Handler recently posted a slow-motion video to Instagram that has people buzzing. In the post, she sends a shoutout to Kim Kardashian West, who is also the founder of Skims. Read on to learn more about the hilarious post that has fans and celebrities talking.

Chelsea Handler takes a jog down the beach in Skims

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler | Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Handler seems to be a fan of Skims, a brand of solution-based shapewear that was founded by Kim Kardashian. Handler decided to wear some of the shapewear and tape up her chest with Skim’s Tonal Body Tape for a very public jog. While on the beach, Handler appears almost naked on her unique run.

Handler posted the video to Instagram on Sunday and wrote, “I’ve always wanted to run on a beach naked, and now with @skims, I finally can. Thank you @kimkardashian!”

According to Us Weekly, Handler wore Solution Shorts from Skims that are high-waisted. She also used the tape to tape up her chest as well as her other private areas for the now-famous jog that people can’t stop discussing.

Fans react to Chelsea Handler’s new video

Fans can’t stop commenting on the hilarious post by Handler. “Well if that isn’t a testament to the strength of those tape strips I don’t know what is,” an Instagram user reacted.

Numerous people commented about how funny the post was and how they couldn’t stop laughing. “Thanks for making me actually laugh out loud!!! 😂😂😂,” another Instagram user wrote.

“😂😂😂 You always make me smile when I’m having bad days, luv this!” a user said.

Fans seem to really dig Handler’s new beach outfit. “Baywatch revamped😎,” an Instagram user commented.

“Oh man, this post is totally me,” a user wrote.

“You never cease to amaze me…. you crazy girl… lol,” someone else chimed in.

“I embarrassingly watched every second of this,” another Instagram user admitted.

Handler inspires others

Handler seems to be inspiring other women to run naked on a beach as well. “Now I feel confident enough to run on the beach naked too! You found the loophole for the everyday woman and her body! 🤣🤣🤣,” another Instagram user said.

“You can always count on Chelsea to put a smile on your face!” another user wrote.

“This is it. 2020 is done for me. Nothing else matters. 🤩,” yet another user hilariously said.

What’s with the extra tape?

Numerous fans seem to be confused about her taping up her private area. They couldn’t stop asking her questions about that and wondering what it was that was going on since it wasn’t really explained.

“Well that was almost 😭😭😭. What was the that white thing lol,” an Instagram user asked.

“😂🤣😂 Does it come with a Velcro mini pad?” someone asked, clearly confused about the tape issue.

“Is there tape on the crotch area?” someone else asked.

Celebrities also commented on the post

Kim, who founded Skims, also commented on the video saying, “Crying!!!!! The tape over the vag is the best part.”

Numerous other celebrities took the time to comment on the post. Amy Schumer commented, “This made my day💰💰💰.” Rumer Willis wrote, “This is everything I hoped 2020 might be.”

Chelsea Handler is definitely making headlines for her hilarious slow-motion jog down the beach.